Mr. Handsome strikes again!!!

Mr. Handsome is the most awesomest fiancee in the planet. He’s fine and he’s mine, ladies. He’s so awesome. When I speak of pipe dreams, he conjures ways to make my pipe dreams come true. I think he’s secretly taking lessons from the Fairy Godmother. If he suggested us taking dancing lessons together one day, I may drool all over myself. I heart-stars-and-rainbows this man. The only thing he lacks is a Josh Groban-esque voice. (Josh Groban, Michael Buble or Jamie Cullum… I’m not picky, bluesy jazz would do it for me too.)

He’s got us going on a wonderland Honeymoooon(said in a Corey from Boy Meets World voice.)!  And when I mentioned that I’d wanted to go to Europe with my cousin-the-future-tooth-fairy, The Tooth Fairy Aunt and Uncle Bobby, and The Fairy Godmother, he’s a little anxious about the moola, but he’s letting us do it! *

In the words of Rebecca Black in that horrible, yet addictive song- we we we so excited. we so excited.

Because I’m an artsy type- as in I graduated with a Fine Art degree in May of 2008 (It hasn’t landed me a fabulous career, but that’s ok.)- I love art and Europe is an art lover’s sandbox.  “I am so excited” is sort of mild for the emotion I feel when I think of being able to see, do and be in Europe.  We’re going to Barcelona, Marseilles, Provence, Naples, Rome and Florence! Holy cow, my art lovin’ little heart just doesn’t know what to do.

My Tooth Fairy aunt told me that we’ll have to get in shape. Because when she went to Rome, back in 2007, she nearly wore out her pedometer. She’s so cute, my Tooth Fairy.  So in light of getting in shape, I’ll have to be serious about weight watchers again and start losing weight instead of “holding it in the road”(AKA Maintaining). I regularly exercise, I just need to learn to stay away from the damn cookies. I have an over fondness for cookies. Mr. Handsome says that running is the best exercise, but he’s tried training me before** long story below** and we have agreed that it’s the surface of the sun outside, therefore impossible to run in. So recently we bought the Kinect for the Xbox… to do the UFC fighter training game and the Zumba game. We are trying. It’s hard to get into exercising at home.

I feel better when I exercise though. So I guess that’s something.

Ah well. In short, I’m excited about Europe, I’m trying to get in shape, and I am crazy about Mr. Handsome.

What’s new with you?

Your Pretty Happy Steph

*I’m horrible with moola so it’s the advice of the Marriage gurus that he be The Money Manager of our relationship… wise, right? 

**I’ve been trying desperately to lose weight, especially around my mid section. Everything else is shrinking and my belly seems like it’s staked a claim and it’s not going ANYWHERE. So decided to ask the head trainer at the BFC what to do about it. She said running and lots of cardio would take care of such a problem… I hate to run. I don’t run. 

Mr. Handsome has been trying to sell me on wearing a bikini especially on our honey moon, “you look great babe!” blah blah. We’re hitting a lovely island so I’ve been working out like a freak and this tummy trouble has been holding me back. When I told him what the Fitness guru said, he got all excited, Mr. Soccer has been wanting to take me running forever.

So yesterday I let him and it was hilarious. Normal running at first at the soccer field by Arthur Teague. back and forth on the field a couple times and then up and down the levee. And then some more back and forth. Quick water break and then he tried to get me to sprint.

Hilarious. Of course the clumsy non runner finds the ONLY frigging hole in an entire field. I sprint, getting a head start of three seconds before he tries to catch me. I found said hole. and launched myself into a lovely impromptu forward flip. He sees me fly. And I mean I have some lovely bruises on my legs to prove it, dang I fell HARD.

I brushed myself off, and we ran a little more did a few more levee climbs (by the way those suck) and on the way back to the car, my air passages started to close up. Allergic reaction to some kind of friggin weed out there.


Isn’t that just the thing?

Sooo…. during the exercise I was only breathless and not sore at all, this morning my abs were sore, the bastards. They betrayed me!!! Instead of being able to say, well that sucked and nothing happened, I get to do it some more, because dang it, if it’s working, I’m simply taking a frigging zyrtec before and a benadryll after and literally running my ass off. 


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  1. So excited you started a blog!

    Your honeymoon sounds like a dream! I’ve never been to any of those places, but any time I’ve traveled abroad I wear myself out walking. Make sure you bring a comfy pair of shoes, even if they gloweringly mark you as American.

    Looking forward to reading more!

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