I hate the beginning of a diet…

I’m trying… Really I am…

It’s just that I enjoy my food. I love food. I love different kinds and different cultures’. This is another trait that is to my mother’s credit. She trained me to try things and I am not a picky person because of it, my sisters and I continually introduce all sorts of things to our parents.  We introduced them to Vietnamese (Dahn’s Garden in Shreveport rocks our world), Sushi (that didn’t take, but they like the hibachi), and Thai (Chow Tyme in North Bossier has left us. This makes my heart sob. Will I ever get papaya salad again?) We love trying and eating and when we go to a new place, it’s always an intriguing adventure. We plan our family vacations around where we want to eat. This is why Giordano’s Pizza’s number in Kissimmee, FL is still in my phone, as well as Margaritaville- Universal Studios. Our family makes an annual pilgrimage to Orlando, Florida.  This is due to my parents being swindled into buying a timeshare.  Folks, time shares have to be maintained… DON’T do IT!!!!! It’s like a  car- that you sink money into and never get rid of. You have good times with it, but sometimes it tends to be a burden. Back to Food. Such a hardship.

I love the art and the colors of it. Food in my life is for celebration, for comfort, for sharing. That’s how I was raised. Growing up, we ate at the dinner table as often as we could. We laughed, cried, discussed, and everything around that dinner table. We learned with each other, we did homework, we worked on life’s struggles, all around the table.

Learning to control portions is something we have to strive for.  Living in Louisiana where the food is steeped in our lives every day, well, it’s hard to control my inner Hobbit. I would like a second breakfast. I would enjoy eating all day, all the time.  But it’s not healthy and it’s even a sin. Gluttony. Lord have mercy on our country. Now I don’t agree with the extremists that would like to remove children from homes that have made obesity a fact of life, that’s a bit harsh. I do think that there should be a special training and awareness interventions, of children, of parents. There are so many eating disorders in this country, it saddens me.

According to a handbook I read once, I HAVE AN EATING disorder. 😡   !!!!!! Because I track what I eat. Hmmmm. I don’t think The-Powers-That-Be-That-Made-This- Up really understand. See, if I don’t track what I eat, I WILL over-eat. I will eat myself into a blind stupor. (The Baby and Rachody notice that this happens when I get “crazy eyes”. I have yet to see this and therefore have no proof that this phenomenon actually happens.) Which should only be done on rare occasions like Thanksgiving, and Birthday meals. Everyday? Certainly not. So I subscribe to Weight Watchers. They teach people how to live correctly. There are moments of indulgence, and there are exercise earning  options. I have the freedom to choose WHAT I want, but I have to track it. There are rules and exceptions to all people of all sizes and ages. There are exceptions to those with child, those who are nursing, those who have health conditions. It is a WONDERFUL system. And it Works. In 2002 my family joined and a year later, we had lost a total of 160 pounds!!!! Five people lost a person! And we can do it again.

****side not: I am not affiliated with Weight Watchers, I merely enjoy and have merited from this system/lifestyle change****

We ARE going to do it again. We are going to lose weight and be healthy.

I spend a whole lot of time with Mr. Handsome. Where does he fit in this story? Well he helps me by encouraging exercise and portion control. He naturally portion controls. He was raised to eat when hungry and the right amount. He eats to live.  And he does it well. He doesn’t understand this fat-kid part of me and I don’t understand how he can do it. I would love to be like Handsome and stop eating cookies, to select just the right amount of cheeto puffs and close the bag… but this, sadly, is beyond me.


Unfortunately my Bernie complains when he is undergoing shrinkage to a normal belly size. It’s quite loud and unsettling. Fruit does not tame this beast. (Fruit, with it’s juicy sweetenss and natural-ness is zero points now and is a great big help on this new WW plan.)  So I get to enjoy the beginnings of a diet with a cantankerous cavern of a stomach. Next week will be so much better!(Hopefully)

Good thing I have exercise on my side.  I have gotten into the habit of exercising. I nearly enjoy it, I least enjoy the effects of exercise. I feel better. My mood changes for the better and I feel like I’m in working condition. I love ZUMBA!!!! My Zumba Chick rocks my socks off! You know, if I was wearing any, that is. It’s fun, energetic, and when you make friends and exercise with a group, it’s more fun. I am so excited that ZC is teaching another class on Thursdays soon. Yay!!! For more ZC in mah life! Love her!

I hope the cupcakes have sprinkles. What? I’m counting it!

Your pretty healthy,



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  1. Bernie! LOL. I so have a Bernie too. I am horrible about over indulging and then mentally beating myself up for it over and over. That can’t be healthy.

    Our family is the same way. Everything revolves around food and you better eat as much as you can, otherwise you won’t get any. This did not lead to healthy adult eating styles.

    My husband is thin, but has the God-given blessing that he can eat whatever he wants and stay thin and healthy.

    I’m trying to get down back to my pre-pregnancy weight (and then some) right now. I do so well for a few days and then I’m lured in by cake or ice cream and fail. 😦

  2. Future Tooth Fairy

    I think our family might have a genetic mutation that hasn’t been discovered yet. When we eat, the signal in our brains which should tell us that we’re full and can stop isn’t there. We only think to stop eating when we’re so full that we feel sick. Before that point, “you know, I could eat some more. Just another bite.”

    It might be the hobbit in us. That’s my hypothesis, anyway.

    • I think you’re right. Maybe this mutation is real and you can be the discoverer of this mutation and get gobs of money because you discovered what is wrong with obese ppl. The ability to diagnose fat kids before they truly become fat kids!!!!

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