The Ring Adventure

When I first started this wedding planning business, I learned two things. The first thing is that we probably should have hired a person to handle the details. The second thing is that if I wanted to do this right, I needed to be organized somehow, some way.  I needed a checklist to be sure we were doing everything at an appropriate time.  First thing I got was a wedding planner book.

I fiddled with it for about a week and got overwhelmed. Obviously not for me.

Enter Wedding Savior Site. I heart this website. Scratch that. I heart-stars-rainbows-clover-and-blue moons it. It has kept me from going ape-sh-bananas. The have things on their checklist that I won’t need, they have things that I didn’t need before, but think is a wonderful, therefore I need… It has been such a big help, because I am on the computer/smart phone all the time. I am more attached to technology than I am a book of things. Don’t get me wrong, I have a notebook. Two notebooks in fact. I upgraded because my old one had too much old material and was running out of space. The best part of this new book is that it’s actually a sketchbook, so I’ve been able to write all over the page willy-nilly.

How does this site come into the topic of rings? Well, I’ll tell you. I’ve used the checklist to death and was holding out for each thing to accomplish until the checklist told me to. I was waiting until the checklist told me to be hunting for a ring for the Handsome.

Poor Handsome has been thinking that I’d NEVER buy his ring. No, I was just obsessing over when I do each thing. And guess what? Ding Ding Ding!!! It’s time for the ring!

We looked at Mc Cary’s, but they did not really have a selection of what he wanted.  He was looking for a Celtic Twist or Knot, and everything they had was too heavy, or it didn’t have the look Handsome was going for. My engagement ring has a twist in the band and the wedding band is a twist all the way around. He found that it has a lovely meaning of two lives been twined around each other, becoming one. So He wanted something like it. So our bands would SORT of match.

Okay, not the best picture of the side, But this is my favorite picture of my hand, at the time of engagement. My fingernails are all long and pretty. Which is almost as rare an occurrence as finding a needle in a haystack.

We went to Place 2. They had ONE ring. One. Single. Ring. And for the hubster-to-be to even get a tiny glimpse of said ring, I had to put a refundable down payment for a glimpse. Cause they had to order it. Huh. That’s funny. Mc Cary’s didn’t make me do that. AH well. I slapped down the money Monday afternoon and when we got to his house we started looking up more options. I was VERY uncomfortable with the selection. Since there was none. There was the one.

We found a lovely newly-launched site for Celtic Jewelry. NICE Celtic Jewelry. Ladies and gents, I think Handsome and I found it. It’s from Ireland, Hallmarked in Dublin Castle. And when we had questions, the owner responded quickly and intelligently. She got back to my questions with responses from Ireland at 6:00am. Crazy mega foxy awesome hotness.  We fell in love with THE RING. It’s really nice and exactly what Handsome had been looking for!

This Friday afternoon, once we get Handsome sized and I ask Siofra(how Irish is that name? gorgeous right?) a few more questions, I will be sending off for our ring. Because after all this business, it’s not “his” ring and more than my ring is “mine”. They’re ours. They belong to us. They fit us. His is intricate without being overly large and arrogant, mine sparkles in abundance, but then princesses go with sparkles and sparkles go with princesses.

If you need a quality piece of Celtic Jewelry, something of the heirloom variety, I have a feeling this place will more than meet your needs. Celtic Promise has a lovely site. Enjoy!

Your pretty much shivering with antici…. pation!



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  1. Oh, I LOVE it! You guys chose really, really well.

  2. Thank’s Mrs. BG! I love yours too!

  3. I love that ring! And how awesome that it’s authentically Irish.

  4. Thank you for your lovely post about our new site! I absolutely agree that you have made a great choice (this designer’s work is impeccable), and that it will go beautifully with your engagement ring. Thrilled that we have been able to help you out with such an important purchase. Go n-éirí an t-adh libh (best of luck!) with the rest of your wedding adventures.

    Síofra – Co-Founder Heritage Jewelry | Contemporary Twist

  5. A lovely piece of celtic jewelry was the perfect choice for your wedding ring. The traditional Claddagh ring symbolizes the love and deep friendship between two people has also been a hugely popular choice amongst couples.

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