Antiquing for shiny things

What’s more fun than a pocketful of money and a day of bargain hunting with you favorite sisters? Nothing. At least in my mind.  This summer, The Baby worked in the Fairy Godmother’s office.  At lunch, Fairy Godmother, The Baby, and Fairy Godmother’s bestie would eat a quick sammich from home and go shopping.  Depending on what the ladies were into, The Baby would go along or not, and would learn many things.  This summer FG and bestie are into Depression Glass.  Normally The Baby wouldn’t get too much into buying such things for herself. FG has gotten into silverware and other tableware before.  Depression Glass is different because it has the intriguing aroma of history in it’s charm.  The Baby loves history, especially the post modern eras.  She absorbed as much history and lessons on the glass as possible from FG and her bestie. She learned how to tell the difference between the genuine article and the reproductions made in the seventies.  She learned how to tell what colors were the rarest and which ones were the most common.

Saturday she started educating Rachody and myself.  We danced around many antique shops, hunting and hunting for pieces and good prices. It became a game between my two sisters to spot matching cream and sugar bowls. “Cream and Sugar!!!” The Baby would chime in the beginning.  Rachody noticed and started to poke at the Baby. When prompted, the Baby explained that FG’s bestie would chime it when they went and the significance of said chime. Cream and sugar bowls are rarely found as a matching set, so it was a source of quick excitement.  I found four matching cups and saucers in the Amber Madrid pattern:

See? Pretty aren’t they? I bought em!!!

…and there’s a certain set of six in the MayFair Rose pattern in pink at another store that I still have on my mind. They may be mine shortly because I just can’t stop thinking about them.

They’re too cute, but I forgot how much they were asking for them. Yeah, I dreamed about these things last night… I need to go check!!! (Like I need an extra hole in my head)

We got Handsome some pretty sweet Coca Cola stuff for his Desk in the office. A Tiffany-like lamp and some pretty awesome glasses. He was very impressed. We may have a family activity in the future. Handsome can come to look for Coca Cola stuff and we’ll be on the prowl for Depression glass and pretty joooo-REEEEE! (We’ll get into my jewelry problem later. That’s a whole other topic for another day.)

One day soon I want to go to the antique mall in the Jewella/Mansfield Road/ W. 70th area(can you say sketchy area???) The store owners had a pitbull for se- CUR-ity! (please excuse my minor BonQuiQui moment.) Loads of stuff piled everywhere! We were only there for a few minutes because they were closing a few minutes after we arrived.  I saw a gigant-enormous section of used books we had no time to search through. (I need to search for a Copy of Stephen King’s Carrie for Cousin Julio. ) Hopefully the next time we go there it won’t be a hot-as-Satan’s-underpants-outside, therefore making said shop an oven. Metal buildings in Louisiana are just cruel.

I hear Jefferson, TX calling my name as well… antiquing has piqued my inner crazed collector.

Yesterday Handsome(speaking of collectors…) and I went through some of his boxes from his past. We found treasures and not-treasures. We cleaned up some of the rooms, I must have been inspired by Mrs. BG… though at the time of reading her blog I had no intention of going into a minor cleaning frenzy.

It is so exciting to be getting ready to move into his cottage with him. We are making it a home, some of my things arriving has made me so excited. One of my favorite things was the easel. We set up my easel in the playroom. Soon we’ll be setting up his old game systems in there so while I paint or create something fun, he can play his old Nintendo games. His old desk is functioning as my painters table, and I will be covering it with contact paper to preserve the table top (AKA saving it from looking like a Jackson Pollock experiment gone terribly wrong).

Today we are moving a ton of my craft stuff into the house. I am SOOOO happy to be setting up everything. It’s coming along. I couldn’t be happier. The house looks more like ours everyday.

Your Pretty spoiled,






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  1. Wouldn’t you know that all of these antique stores are closed on Mondays?

  2. I have a feeling antiquing would be great fun… and an expensive way for me to fill up my house with more stuff. I must stay away!

    When is the big wedding day? I know you’re so excited.

  3. The BIG day is November 12th! Sometimes I think it’ll NEVER get here and other days its feels like it’s just around the corner.

  4. Aw, I’m glad I inspired you! But don’t get rid of any Depression glass – that stuff is GORGEOUS! We used a few of my mom’s pieces at our wedding reception.

    On an entirely different note, I HEART BONQUIQUI SO MUCH! The other day, I saw a guy wearing a white t-shirt that had “SECURITY” written across it in giant black letters, and it totally made my day.

  5. Oh my goodness! The Bon Tee Tee is hilarious!!! Are Bonnie and Chihuahua related somehow? Cousins? Sisters from another mister?

    I love this depression glass! TODAY I’m getting those cups and saucers. Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise.

  6. Well, they were a bit more dear than the others, twice as much as the others. I’m going to ruminate over them a while longer. They’ll probably disappear, saving me from temptation.

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