When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are…- Jiminy Cricket Pinocchio

It’s good to want.- Uncle G

Wishes and dreams, hopes and desires; without these we flounder. We get lost in a world full of harshness and confusion, loneliness and despair. Faith helps guide our dreams, a friend once told me that God’s will for us is reflected in the deepest desires of our hearts. That when we seek our desire in the rays of His Love, when we reach for His Will for us, we strive for eternal joy.

It’s no shock to me that Joy is something to strive for. The marriage gurus shared much of their hardships and how they had to overcome these hardships. That true love is a choice. When your dearest one is hurting, the easy thing is to Not-ask. To not try to share in pain, confusion, depression. To cover the worst of your partner’s hurts with a shroud of disillusionment. To ignore the gaping hole in someone’s heart and remain in the glowing patches of romantic love.

People forget that you have to deal with the (pardon me, Father)shit in order to be together. You have to deal with a sorry attitude, belly cramps, bed hair, etc. It’s life.  People these days forget that Love isn’t all romance. Sure there’s romance, but there’s(more often than not) the business of living. We have so much to share, even the hurts. We have to share these things with each other so that the healing can begin. It’s like when you were four and you ran home to fix your boo-boos. We run to the person that becomes home to fix the boo-boos.

***Now here’s where I get all sappy. ***

Handsome is that for me. He helps me get through the boo-boos. The other day when my day was just crap, he calmed me down from my coo-coo-ka-choo place and brought me to Earth. I don’t pretend that he’s perfect, but he tends to be exactly what I need when my head hurts, my feelings are hurt, I’m wound up, and I’m just plain exhausted. He’s great at helping me get better.  He makes me smile.  Even on accident.  (Bless him.)

I’m so grateful for him. Thanks to be to all involved. God, his parents, our friends, his own determination; all have made him the one for me. I’m delighted to be growing up with him, growing in Love and all.

I wished to be with him. Long ago (all of five years ago) in the summer of 2006, I was crazy about him. I saw him through rose colored glasses and he was wonderful. Handsome, fun and Golly, he always smells good. From the summer of Alex’s wedding to now, I can’t help but be grateful for everything. He’s a Wish I made in 2006. I even painted “I ❤ KPS July ’06” on a shell from Cypress Lake. (Remember that trip Manda?) That was a great summer.  Looking back now I see all the silliness and fun of that summer and I laugh at my 21-year-old self.

He’s a wish from the heart that came true.


I love you, Handsome. Happy Birthday tomorrow!


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  1. Happy birthday, Mr. Handsome! Hope it’s every bit as fabulous as Stephanie thinks you are!

  2. That’s so true. Your spouse/fiance is your partner in everything. So many times Mark and I have looked at each other when times are bad and said, “In sickness and in health.” That makes all the difference in the world. Happy Birthday!

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