Rain drops keep falling… Please? Seriously, pretty please?

Whoop whoop!!!

It’s raining y’all! There’s dust storms followed by actual rain in Shreveport/Bossier! We seriously have no idea what to do with ourselves. This princess is wildly excited by thunderstoms. I inherited this from The Scrapbooking Queen.  She MUST go outside when the storms loom. I must go outside when the storms loom. I must also hold down my skirt so as to not loose my dress in such violent wind. The powerful gusts reminded of that time I almost lost my shirt to a hot air balloon wind machine. Giant, powerful fans+ untucked, loose t-shirt= a yelping Stephanie.

It’s pretty awesome out there. Loads of oddly colored clouds and the radar looks like this:

Or… approximately fifteen minutes ago it did.

I love the stuff. Our entire office was outside waiting for the storm, dirt and dust getting in our eyes, as we excitedly chittered and chattered about the impending storms, grit flying into our mouths… well I guess I don’t need a vitamin today. I got plenty of minerals outside waiting for the rain. The temperature was a glorious eighty degrees. Wind attacked braids and pony tails, hair flew. In the words of Rebecca Black, “we we we so excited!”  For a good while everyone was as focused as I am on a daily basis. About as focused as a sugar filled two-year-old on crack.

I enjoy my special moments(they happen daily), but when everyone shares in the excitement, it’s nice to have company in la-la land. One can’t help hooting and prancing about when one hasn’t seen serious rain in days. It’s a part of Louisiana that I used to take for granted. Water, water here and there, water water everywhere. This drought has been terrible. Thanks be to God for answering our prayers for a bit of the wet. Now, can we please have some of those lovely Hurricane bands? Just a few, You know, would be nice. It’s pleasant to see actual water in my aunt’s backyard duck pond. I’m sure the ducks would enjoy it.

As entertaining as the days of three digit temperature record was, it sure was miserable. North Louisiana is ready for the wet. Bring it!

On to other news, it’s been fun moving things in the cottage.  We are enjoying setting up our home. We have matching desks, we have new stuff from the Dallas Ikea(whoop whoop!) trip, and we have very nearly finished moving my artsy-crafty project stuff in. We have several loads of things like my white summer clothes that I cannot wear after Labor Day, so after Labor Day, I’ll be packing and setting up much of my summer closet in my walk-in closet. The wedding is coming, and it’s going to be epic! We have several things on THE LIST that we need to take care of, but they are being taken care of steadily and expediently.

Next on the agenda: finalize the wedding ceremony details (like music, readings, etc.) so that we can make our programs.

I am so pumped.

As my dear Kisstoefur says: Arts and Crafts!!!

I heart Arts and crafts.

Your pretty excitable,



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  1. Between the rain and a really great OB appointment today, I was on Cloud Nine. I just hope the wet stuff is a sign of more to come!

  2. We all ran to our windows when the winds started and a co-worker said, “You think it was snowing or something?” It’s just been soooooo long. Yay rain!

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