Pickles are my Gatorade

So, lately I’ve had issues while working out. I’ve gotten worn out too quickly, I’ve had “wimmin trouble”, and I’ve been overheated(to no one’s surprise, hey, it’s August). Yesterday I suffered the munchies while at work. Having eaten plenty of fruit and not wanting to fruit over-load, I found the jar of pickles I bought last week.I nabbed a few and they were soooo good. I love pickles. I’ve loved them since I was a kid, my favorite part of the Little Rascals  was when Buckwheat was singing his “I gotta pickle” song. “I’ll give you a nickle, if you give me a pickle.” “Otay!” And thus begins the ode to a pickle. “I got a pickle, I got a pickle…”

About an hour and a half later it was time for Zumbaaaaaah! I’m working, and sweating- not too profusely though. Lo and behold! I forgot one of the important things! If one doesn’t have enough electrolytes(including and especially salt), one would felt sick and gross. Lately sodium avoidance has been in order- trying to lose significant poundage here and salt makes one bloat like nobody’s business. Of course I forgot that I NEED salt. Me=idiot

It’s a huge relief that all I need is a dill-icious pickle to feel worlds better at the gym. No longer do I feel overheated and worried that I’m losing my young edge. (Boy did I feel weird- not being able to work out??) I’ve gotten into regular exercise and not felt this bad since I first started two years ago at 42% body fat. I had started going to a personal trainer because I was finally tired of being ridiculously overweight.

The water is a great idea. Drinking the water has made my skin better, and made my body better at nearly everything. Except exercise. So add the pickle, and add the water. And the body will be in fighting condition to go another round.

Zumba is woooonderful exercise. Especially when ZC decides to push the class until everyone is gasping and running for the sweat rags at every chance.  J-Lo’s song “On the Floor” alternately makes me cringe or bounce(pending on whether or not I’ve just gotten back from Zumba or if I’m about to go to Zumba class). I seriously love the workout that this song helps us achieve, but talk about breathless! ZC is getting certified for Zumba Tone. I have a strange feeling that it will be more awesome, more effective, and (therefore) more painful.  But the rhythms of Latin tunes, plus the enthusiasm of our wonderful ZC, makes us eager to come to class. We love our Zumba Chick! She rocks our socks off (only make sure you wear good socks, cause blisters suck, i.e. me last week forgetting them socks things and grossing self out).

I’ve tried both Zumba for the wii and Zumba on the xbox. Both are nice workouts, but it isn’t the same as going to class with a bunch of ladies and a wonderful instructor. If I haven’t gotten on my program for the xbox, it doesn’t sincerely miss me the way a living, breathing person does. Ok, so, sometimes the “where’ve you been, I’ve missed you, etc.” isn’t sincere, but hey it is certainly more personal than machines.  I like that a lot.

Other than the praise of Zumba, guess what else????

The wonderful Fairy Godmother and her four nieces are heading to Jefferson to go Antiquing! Saturday morning/afternoon I may or may not find some fun stuff that I have to have. Whooo hoo! I’ll be on the hunt for lovely pink or yellow Depression Glass, and Coke stuff for the Handsome Prince in my life. We are very thrilled and excited for this weekend! It’s sure to be fun.

Last weekend our friends Alexis and Joseph announced their engagement.

This is awesome and wonderful. They’ve been waiting for the right time and we are very happy for them. It’s very sweet to see Joseph’s rare grin(he laughs often, but rarely does he just plain slyly grin- seriously congratulate him and watch his face- so sweet.) and Alexis’ happiness beaming radiantly. They are going to do great things together, and I hope and pray that they continue to work together in love and joy. So much wedding festivities are coming up. Such as…

– dress fitting for bridal pictures-three bridal showers-three(other people’s) weddings- a bachelorette/bachelor party- bridal pictures- tux fittings(daddy too!)- and I’m sure there are more…. and Now our Alexis is getting hitched!!!

This is my busiest year since 2003!

Your pretty whirling dervish,



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  1. I love dill pickles too!

    I haven’t tried zumba, but I’ve heard lots about it and see it on my channel listing all the time. Maybe I should give it a shot?

    Have fun antiquing!

    And reading “whirling dervish” immediately made me start singing Sound of Music songs.

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