This weekend is sure to be a blast! The Fairy Godmother, the Future Tooth Fairy, The Baby, and Rachody and me are ALL going to Jefferson, Texas! We are super excited to be going antique hunting with our Fairy Godmother.

We HAVE to visit the Big Red Barn- AKA- The Old Mill Antique Shop, we have to get fudge at the Fudge Shoppe, and (according to my dear office mate) we must go to the General Store. Apparently they have antiques and and old- fashioned soda shop. This is a particular thrill for me, the last place I went that had a soda shoppe was the Centerpoint trip to Mountain View, AR with Handsome. We had a wonderful time and I enjoyed those shakes and soda fountain drinks. I could have stayed to dink around.

Goodness, if only I had already fallen for antiques before now. Can you IMAGINE the things I could have found in Arkansas, previous to this past month? I have been to Mountain View and Hot Springs and I have spent considerable amounts of time in several old towns, like McKinney, TX and Mansfield, LA. I’m sure I’ve overlooked treasures, not knowing what was in front of me. Oh, the agony!

Haha! Such dramatics.

I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to play in so many shops and such, full of the wonders of the not-so distant past.

I may be on the look out for a china cabinet. I will need one very soon, what with all the fun stuff I’m getting and the upcoming wedding!!!

You never know what you may find at an antique store, displays can look like this:

In case you were wondering, yes, that IS a wig wearing a tiara.

This was from the day of antiquing beginnings brought to us by The Baby. I invited the Pepperdy to go on this adventure…

She looked at Dad,

“Dad, are YOU going?” Since he wasn’t, she decided to keep him company instead. If the girls are busy dinking around with smelly old stuff, they hardly have time to mess with Her Highness. If it wasn’t too big(and expensive!!!), the tiara would probably suit her better than me.

More Ketchup?

Here are a few of my scrapbook pages, including one with myself and Mrs. Jessica.

I spy… Me! In horrible uniform shorts!


It’s been a week of antici… PATION over here… (And now I want to dance the Time Warp… sometimes my ADD even annoys myself)

Since last week’s birthday party:

Handsome blowing out his candles

The next big news is that I have my bridals appointments started. I am now going to do a trial run with my hairdresser lady, and hopefully nail that part down-shut-tight!  My current lady hasn’t seemed very enthusiastic.  Maybe I should go the crazy expensive way. *nerves beginning to jitter* Does anyone have splendid advice for hair designers? This person will have to use brute force on the baby sister’s wild mane. I’m starting to seriously worry…

The upside of the bridal news is we’ll be taking my pictures in a haunted dwelling in Shreveport. How exciting will this be? The Logan Mansion is very lovely and has a gorgeous stairway!  I’m more excited about the stairway than specters, but what if I actually get to see the girl of Logan Mansion? Theodora Hunt was a young lady who supposedly launched herself from the top window. Dad found her in the Shreveport Census, so she existed… but does the echo of her tragedy linger? I wonder…

Your pretty indescribable,









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  1. Ha ha! That scrapbook page is awesome. That brought back some memories. I love it!

    Hope you’re having fun this weekend.

  2. Bridals in the Logan Mansion?! AWESOME! I can’t wait to see them!

    Who’s taking them?

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