T- minus two months and counting!!!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted!  The fairy tale princess wedding is quickly approaching. This means showers and more frantic planning and handling details, details, DETAILS!!!! Poor Handsome can only sit idly by and watch as the bride gets a million things to do.  I have to decide Candy Bar details very soon.  I want to make a cute label for our candy bags. Hopefully soon I will fine the time to sit and make it. I mentioned to my friend, The Caterpillar Guru that I had wanted to make a sweet logo for my blog… well I finished his header and have yet to start on mine. Several ideas are ready to rock, but I haven’t the time to diddle and piddle with my lovely blog. ***le sigh*** On to other news?

We met with the Father and we are nearly completely ready to rock and roll with the programs… we only have to decide on the music and the sentimental message… and so they aren’t really complete at all. But I know what I want them to look like! That’s a start!

I hope they will be nice.

This wedding is so full of details and I hope that everything gets done on time and gets completed with class and style. I wonder if I’ll even remember half of the wedding day.  All this crazy stuff is happening for one joyous occasion, and it will all be over in a flash of time. I feel like I’ve been engaged for years, though it has only been six months. I know I have some gray hair to be attributed to this whirlwind thunderstorm of a wedding.

I’m sure the wedding will be lovely.

Will I ever cease to be nervous about everything?  It’s going to be so big, there are so many steps to accomplish.  I have fittings and showers and thank you notes and remembering to order the candy on time, with the right weather. I have church ladies, photographers, hair dressers, cantors, and MORE to contact. Handsome can only do so much, since he’s the Groom and all.  I think Grooms get out too easy. Except they get to have a hold a human wad of crazy for the rest of their lives.  The vows themselves are warning label.

In sickness and in health … (Cracker! You gotta take CARE of yo woman/man!!! No matter what kinda of ailment they be sufferin’!) For richer or for poorer (Be careful what moneys they like to be spending…) In good times or in bad ( You know stuff is gonna go down that will be hard. And no matter what, you gotta do your best when s*** goes down) Til death do you part…(MMMHMMMM! That’s right. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings!)

Everything in parentheses should be spoken with Octavia Spencer as Minny’s voice.


The Help was such an awesome movie/book. I loved the movie so much, I bought the audiobook. I laughed and I cried. That was the best story ever and they did a fairly nice job on the movie. Glad I saw it first though. There was plenty that had been left out.  My Fairy godmother caught a big movie blooper. Did you?

I hope that everything will turn out well, this should be a great, big party. I hope nothing goes up on smoke.

Please pray for those people who have lost lives and home in East Texas. They have it far worse than I.

Your pretty busy,



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  1. BREATHE…everything will be okay.

    Things will go wrong, things will be lost, and things will be patched up at the last moment…but in the end the important stuff will hold the day and you will have some great memories to laugh at in the years to come. (Although to be fair I was laughing pretty darn hard on the inside the day of April and Seth’s wedding…it was just too early to laugh normally. April might have ripped out my spine.)

    So again, everything will be okay.


  2. Everything’s going to get done, and if you’re anything like me, the details are what you’ll remember most. Have fun with ’em! I do not regret a single SECOND The Guy and I spent on the handmade details (programs, CDs, banners, flowers, etc.) for our wedding day.

    P.S. Candy bars are my favorite wedding trend! Are those your favors?

  3. The best advice I was given before my wedding day was to stop every so often and just take it all in. It will be over in a flash and you don’t want to be so busy that you don’t remember any of it!

    I did a candy bar at my wedding and it was a huge hit. I was married shortly before Halloween, so there was plenty of candy in my wedding colors to be had.

    Also, I still haven’t seen The Help. That makes me sad. I have read the book though!

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