Getting things done!

This wedding is going to be so great. What with the Fairy godmother pulling out all the stops and the best part of marrying Handsome, how could it not be? Sure, there are a million things to be handled, but it’s a WEDDING. Of course there are a million and one things to do. So it makes sense when I stay up to eleven, making three hundred little blue bows for Rachody to glue onto three hundred candy bags. As soon as the stickers come in for the bags, I’ll post cutesy pictures of the finished product!

This weekend I have my first wedding shower held by Mrs. K, a dear Friend of Fairy godmother.  Fairy godmother has been helping so much with the shower! I am so excited and grateful for all the work she’s put into everything!  From the candy centerpieces to the party favors this shower is going to be SUCH fun. I am excited about this cute candy shower! And right after the shower, we make a mad dash to Cousin Bri’s wedding!

Bri and Three G are getting married! They are a very sweet couple, they are both very easy going and lively.  I hope and pray that their day goes smoothly for them. It should be so special for such special people.

Aren’t those grins just precious?

I ran around town on Monday picking up things for November’s The Wedding Extraordinaire! I decided this doozy deserves a special name. The Wedding Extraordinaire! or TWE! for short.

So far off the checklist:

-Unity Candles

-Champagne Glasses(Pier 1- who knew?)

-hostess gifts

-wrapping for hostess/wedding party gifts

– sweet treat sign block lettering.

-more pink and blue ribbon for things yet unknown, but one can never have too much ribbon for wedding events, as I have come to discover.

Tonight is for relaxing with Handsome. Who has now gotten me into watching Dragon Ball Z with him. I like to giggle at the growl-pauses and the power-up-pauses. I can’t help it. It’s endearing. It reminds me of the days when I watched entirely too much Sailor Moon as a teenager. *wishing I had the series on DVD*

Tomorrow we’ll assemble hostess gifts and I’ll play at graphic designing a while. The Baby needs her a T-shirt for her section. I remember the wishing that someone would make awesome section t-shirts when I was high school. This is one of the reasons I don’t mind making t-shirts for The Baby. My favorite shirt is the teal one I made for her sophomore year.


I loved making it, and it wasn’t spectacularly difficult. This year I hope to have the same or more success at making a sweet design. At least one the Baby likes. PHS Homecoming is Friday! Whoop whoop. All this means is that the Baby has been supremely busy with school activities and homework and occasionally dressing up for spirit days. I’ll catch her playing in October. Its when the best performances are. You know, when the freshmen are used to the marching gig and the band has that show down PAT. I can’t wait to see her play at the games. Her percussion skills far surpass my own. Her oboe skills probably do too, though she never touched one.

For all you who didn’t know, I sucked at oboe. I only picked the instrument because it’s supposedly a rare enough instrument, and that if I had excelled, I would have been eligible for scholarships! … yeah…  The only band scholarship I ever received was for pit percussion. I should have just been doing that all year round in high school. When I played the oboe, fairies died and angels lost their wings. I had to clap extra hard and ring extra bells just to make up for my aural abuse. Props to those who have mastered the instrument of doom. I only got a gum habit out of it. Thanks Oboe.

The cruddy allergies have been attacking us here lately. I need to ask someone informed what all this mess is that is making Mydonna and Mycarol and me all sneezy. We’re the seven dwarfs over here in tha Office. Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, and we need to see a Doc to be Happy. haha. Made that one up all by myself. Whew. That was hard work. Now to get back to the grind.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Your pretty coughing,


ps- check out this video. It’s impressive and sweet.


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  1. “It reminds me of the days when I watched entirely too much Sailor Moon as a teenager. *wishing I had the series on DVD*”

    ME TOO. Can we have an anime watch party and eat moon pies while we swoon over Tuxedo Mask?

    Can’t wait to see pics from the shower. I know it will be adorable.

  2. I hope you have an AWESOME time at your shower! And I’m with Jessica – I can’t wait to see photos!

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