Cuteness ABOUNDS!!!

As promised, the Fairy Godmother pulled out all the stops and the shower was GORGEOUS!!!  My Fairy Godmother is a true blessing in my life and so VERY talented! I greatly appreciate all she does for me. My wedding promises to be the biggest bash Shreveport will ever experience, thanks to her generosity and support.  I am such a magically blessed princess. Thank God for my wonderful godmother.  She works so hard to make everything beautiful. It was well worth the nerves of being little miss spotlight for the first time in my life since I was two.  I’d also like to thank Rachody for all the cute pictures and all of her help and support.

Here are the details and pictures of my wonderful wedding shower. Many thanks to all who could make it!

The Yacht Club ceiling. Pink streamers from the balloons made the light in the room soft and pink!

Candy jars detail. The theme was Candy and it was as though Candyland, the game became real life awesomeness!!!

The cake table with the punch and water dispensers, isn’t it de-lovely?

Me- enjoying wonderful company at the adorable tables. Can you see the centerpiece? My in-town bridesmaids and I worked on them with the Fairy Godmother acting as director.

Candy-as-flowers in the arrangements!!!!

Me and the Lovely, Wonderful Mrs. K- Hostess for the mostess!

Me and my present attendants. Future tooth fairy got me a woooonderful surprise, more on that later.

Opening presents was fun, Future Tooth Fairy wrote down my info so that I could thank everyone later. And Rachody helped organize the un-wrapping, the  and the trash detail

I know the picture is a little dark- but look what Future Tooth Fairy got me!!?!??

CHERRY BLOSSOM DEPRESSION GLASS BOWL!!!! I have been flirting with it in a local Antique shop and she was with me once… After I showed it to her, the wonderful gal picked it up for me after we had left!!!

“We we we so excited.”- Rebecca Black

My depression glass collection is getting impressive.

Anywho, many thanks to all who came! I had a BLAST!

Special thanks to RingBEARs Mommy, Future Tooth Fairy, THE Tooth Fairy herself, Fairy godmother, and Mrs. K.

After and during the take-down we could tell how much effort was put into making the Yacht clubhouse splendid. It was universally transformed. Fairies came through and made it wonderful and then they took it away once the party was over.

We then left and went to B&GWD11!!!!

Aka- Bri and Gregg’s Wedding Day 2011. The event had a title. Oh yeah. In my family we get it BIG. Aunt Rain is a Fairy Mommy herself. She transformed that tin building into a country-vintage charming affair. She took Bri’s colors and made it glow in that room. I bow down to her genius. Weddings are a tremendous amount of work and she made it WORK. The Keys to a good marriage advice, the photo booth, the how sweet it is candy/ honey bar things… Oh it was fantastic.

The coolest part though was all Mother-Nature. There was a dancing praying mantis on the Mother of the groom’s chair in the flower jar. He was orange and yellow. He matched the lilies (see? He came all dressed up for the occasion). He was enjoying the string selections. He swayed to the music and when the music stopped, he stopped. Then the seating-of-the-mother’s music began and he danced some more. All of a sudden this lady came and got in his view, being a lover of music, he climbed her arm and hair-do in order to get a better view. Unfortunately some fun- ruiner had to pick him up and spoil his view. Being among kind, non-bug-killing folk, he got placed on the ground where he could endeavor to get even CLOSER to the string group. I hope he enjoyed himself.

The Bride was radiant, the Groom looked delighted, the Mothers all teared up, life was beautiful.

Nurse was a-glow with her little bundle. She was very beautiful.  Looked healthy and full of life and energy. I loved her dress!

MOH’s speech made everyone who has a sister tear up. It was heartfelt, funny and sweet.

I hope and pray that Bri and Gregg have a wonderful happy marriage and every day is better than the day before.

Your pretty grateful and charmed,



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  1. What a gorgeous shower! And your outfit is to die for. You are a charmed princess indeed 🙂 So glad you had a wonderful time!

  2. What a beautiful shower and bride-to-be! So glad to see they pulled out all the stops for you. And I LOVE the balloons in the ceiling!

  3. What a pretty shower!! Mine was in the back of an italian restaurant. And there was a decoration or two, I think. Pretty sure that things are much better because we have facebook to brag about our awesome stuff on. My shower was prefacebook and blog days. Boo.

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