And the verdict is….

So I went in to Dr. Shaman Miracle. She is amazing and really cares about her patients. Makes sure that you are properly diagnosed and treated. The cough grew worse over the weekend and even after taking a over the counter cough suppressant. Nothing was suppressed here.

Hack hack cough cough bark bark.

I have the most annoying hacking cough ever. By the end of all this, I was annoying myself, got no sleep due to the hacking, and yesterday I coughed a bit of the red stuff… from over-coughing, of course! Had to call Awesome Dr. Sherrin Mercer, who is Dr. Miracle.

Dr. Miracle’s Diagnosis? Upper respiratory infection going from viral to bacterial.  Just call me Princess of germs, (ewwwww) or as Dad sometimes lovingly calls me, “Snot Rag.” Isn’t he sweet? So I got a shot in the boooooty, and some fun prescriptions that make one very tired and loop-de-looly in the Brain.  Hopefully I can return to exercise soon. Going upstairs makes me short of breath at present, so aerobics is out of the question and I’m sure everyone at the gym would prefer for my circus of germs to stay at home.

Good job, body. Worst timing ever.  The most awesome part of Fall is going on right now, in my opinion…. THE REVEL!!! Every year this festival takes place Downtown Shreveport and it’s awesome!  Not too many BIG names are headliners, but Better than Ezra is the rock band and Windstorm Show band plays Friday night.

Fairy Godmother is GOING! The family is GOING! We are going to experience the awesomeness of our wedding show band!  I hope they rock our faces off and I hope the lung-funk (as my Artguru’s babysitee called it, THE DEATH) is gone by then.

If anyone is near Shreveport, climb out of your caves and go eat a funnel cake, listen to music, shop and marvel. Bring the kids. They have an entire section devoted to the short stacks in your life. Get Spiderman painted on your face, experience the dig, maybe some sand art. My favorite booth as a little princess was always the craft booth. I made many a worthless macaroni necklace, and several magnets for the fridge as a tiny princess with curls. Possibly a crown as well. I just remember it as the best fun EVER.

Uncle G will never forget taking Fairy G and me to the Revel as a date. They were only dating at the time. He loves to tell the story of how he and Fairy Godmother said, “No thanks!” to my parents who were offering them a stroller. Uncle G learned that day how heavy a two and a half year old can get. What lightened the load for him was everyone complimenting on my aunt and future uncle’s “baby girl” and he told every one that I was theirs. “Why yes, she’s ours!” “Oh, she’s just so cute!” Thanks! “What a lovely baby!”  He learned though. Next time, take the stroller. Kids are heavy and whiny if they’re on their feet too long.

Everyone, go and have a big time at the Red River Revel Arts Festival sometime this week.

Your Reveling




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  1. I love the Revel, too! I’m volunteering there tomorrow, actually!

    I’m sorry you’re feeling poorly, and I hope you get all better in time to go eat some fried Snickers bars!

  2. Where do they have the fried snickers?

  3. Yikes! Hope you feel better soon.

    Going to the Revel today! Can’t wait. I love going every year.

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