The Princess is Showered… I need to Ketchup.

T-minus One Month until the Wedding Extravaganza! There are less and less things TO DO and more and more things DONE!  The anticipation is overwhelming. Last weekend I watched as a work- cohort got married to her Prince Charming .  She was very lovely and the church was very nice.

Future Mrs. Bee walking down the aisle with her daddy. She was radiant.

Ringing his bride- who had the giggles and he had manly tears streaming. Hey, it was a big moment for him, he just made a giant formal declaration to be everything for His Lady Bee.

Sealed with a kiss!

And then they all lived happily ever after and went dancing! After pictures of course.  At the reception we sat at tables and each had our own Moustache, lovingly provided by our bride.

Do I not look like my dad, or what? It’s uncanny, especially if you compare this to pictures of him in the seventies. I’m told he was hot stuff. I think his hair was huge.

Before the Bee Wedding, I had a family wedding shower and it was awesome!

Fairy Godmother had THE MOST elegant, wonderful shower for me. When I arrived, I HAD to go and scope everything out. I knew she had done wonderful things. There was silver polished to a gleam, crystal and glass shimmering in the soft light. There were mimosas and punch, and all kinds of brunch foods. Hashbrown casserole, Grillades and grits, cheese straws, fruit, Quiche, and biscuits and jelly! Fairy Godmother even made cute BUTTER! I had to get a tiny star butter pat just because it was so cute. Everything was very tasty especially these….

My aunt is a cake. If there’s a party, if there’s a gathering, she’s the one bringing the cake, trying the cake, waiting til the cake is cut.

So of course she had adorable petit fours with S monograms on them. They were DELICIOUS! Julie Anne’s Bakery does a phenomenal job.

Me with most of my Fabulous Hostesses!!! Tooth Fairy, Fairy Godmother and her bestie!!!

Look at that gorgeous table! Isn’t it just the most beautiful? Her house is the epitome of elegance and her taste shone throughout the shower. From the food down to the decorations, it was a lesson on how to throw a shower. I hope to be half as talented and wonderful when I grow up.

Me and the Fairy Godmother. Apparently We both needed to hold onto a chair by the end of the shower.

I got so many wonderful gifts and got to see so much family, it was just all so splendid! I was a truly showered Princess. No one else has a Fairy Godmother like we do. What would we do without her? She’s wonderful, beautiful, talented and generous. Thank You so much!

This past weekend we got more wedding accessories finished. Quick program preview:

 I know, I know, it’s tiny, but I want the full effect to be experienced on THE DAY OF.

Next weekend is going to be a another fun shower weekend!

Today we are at 26 days until THE WEDDING! AAHHHHH! It’s so close!

Your pretty showered!




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  1. Mrs. Bee’s dress was gorgeous, Fairy Godmother is a peach and your shower programs are ADORABLE!

    I’m seriously waiting on pins and needles for this wedding.

    P.S. Princess + Mustache = SO CUTE

  2. I recognize that church! That’s where Shannon and Robbie got hitched. 🙂

    Also, I love that giant deer head over the cakes. Definitely adds to the atmosphere.

    And I LOVE those programs so classy and adorable. Liturgy of the Word… so a full Catholic wedding then? Excellent.

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