Life in the New Year, Getting Back on Track.

This past Christmas was so awesome!  Family and friends were so wonderful and generous as always! Handsome and I are doing our level best to make sure we get to see both of our families at Christmas. We had a great break from work in which we took time to put away some Christmas and finally begin our setting up of our home as it should be- daily.

We still have so much to do, but we have hung a TV, built a shelf in the bathroom, and put away our five tubs of Christmas decorations.  We also spent time playing Handsome’s new game. I gave him Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for Christmas and I like to “help”. (which is really me getting motion sickness from the swirling Handsome does when he’s searching, battling, or running in the game. I yell, “Eat something, he about to kill you! Power up, Power up!” alot.) I was super geek-excited when Handsome got the book for the game in yesterday. It’s a nice, large hard back book full of tips and tricks to manage through the game. It’s super cool and now I have something to look at when he makes it spin too fast!

We learned a new game this New Year’s Eve with several of our friends. Brother Monkey, the Bearded Monkey, the-future- Mrs, Mrs. Joooones, and the Red Monkey all came over to play Munchkin Quest with Handsome and I this past weekend. I’d say it was Epic, but it wasn’t. Epic Munchkin Quest would probably have made our heads explode. What with THE WEDDING and all, it had been too long since we had all met and played. I missed them all.

This year is going to be full of firsts for Handsome and I. We are so happy to be together at last.

I can’t help but wish everyone the happiness I have with the Handsome man in my life. I know that life as we know it isn’t perfect, trust me, I am far from perfection. But I also know so many dear friends who are going through hard times. The kind of times that are heart breaking and soul stripping. Loss of so many means and of so many loved ones is a truly terrifying ordeal. My heart goes out to them, my prayers are always with them.  May the Lord Bless You, all the Days of your life.

I hope that 2012 improves for those dear friends who are looking at a tenuous road ahead of them.

On a lighter note(hopefully), it’s time for the exercise to resume as previously scheduled. I missed the classes. It’s nice to take a break once in a while, but WeddinghoneymoonThanksgivingChristmas was nutsoid. We were crazy busy and most of the precious down time went to finding Christmas presents. Hey, shopping for entire days on one’s feet counts as exercise, right? Right? We have probably walked all over Shreveport/Bossier in the past two months. Handsome is back at the indoor place and he’s been having a good time getting in shape the competitive way.

I read a fascinating article about how some people are truly made for competition exercise and some people… just…aren’t. The little ballerina that couldn’t, the little leaguer who’s afraid of the ball, the wanna-be that for some unknown reason just couldn’t do that back handspring to make the cheerleading squad? All me. Forget the fact for a moment that it’s true I had other activities as well. (The piano lessons, the Girl Scout Troop, Band, Oboe Lessons-ugh)  I was a squishy, musical, crafty kid.

It’s okay if your kid isn’t a sporty kiddo. It’s okay if they prefer arts and crafts over jock straps and catcher’s mitts. but they need to be healthy too. Even if they have the metabolism of a bird, the need the strength training and nutrition of a human. I had several friends growing up who were into martial arts, which probably would have been a good answer for myself. But there are also other ways to learn how to maintain fitness. They are coming up with kid-gyms. Where kids can play games and in doing so, build endurance and strength.

One of my favorite PE classes in Middle School was the year they were building the actual gym at Elm Grove. I loved not having to play volley ball and dodge ball and get reamed in the face. Our teacher, Mrs. B, dragged us all upstairs for Richard Simmons(Dicky Slims to me and my family- haha) videos like Sweatin to the Oldies, Disco Sweat, etc. She taught us how to square dance among other things to get us moving. I remember her class because it was the best year for a non-competitor like me.

So it’s no wonder that Zumba classes work for me.  Hey, I trip up and have to retie my shoe like any other goober in there, but I also can push myself or restrain myself. I can either get it big and sweat my brains out, or I can simplify moves that the instructor does if the day was particularly wearing. I truly admire anyone who leads classes for humble bumbles like me. They are guides to stay healthy, and if someone can manage to smile and have fun with it? Even more props. (I’m sure we of the awkward and the silly give other inspirations for grins, but hey, you get amusement where you can.) I also like to play dance games on consoles. Set on Easy of course.

I truly admire runners. I have secretly always wanted to learn how to be one. People, including the Handsome Husband Face, have tried to teach me how, but I cannot grasp the concepts. I can’t figure out how to breathe. I’m really special. I get hives just thinking about last time I made the attempt to run in an open field. Open field my rear end… grumble mumble grumble grumble… One of my cousins is a RUNNER. She’s awesome and I applaud Runner Cousin for all of her hard work and determination. She leaves parties early and goes to bed when she knows that she has a race the next day. She’s an inspiration.

Maybe one day I can too, be a runner. Maybe then my thighs, that I have named Thunder and Behemoth, wouldn’t wiggle ever so much. Props to the running machines out there. You inspire people. Like Forrest Gump. “I just felt like runnin’.”

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, I promise to report about the Magical Island Honeymoon soon!

Your striving towards better fitness,



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  1. Oh my gosh that comment about naming your thighs made me die out laughing.

    I can do a steady, slow run but my knees HATE me for it. I don’t think I”m built for it. But I can walk and I might could do zumba. Where do you work out at?

    I need to get back on my workout schedule!

    So glad you had an amazing Christmas!

  2. Ha ha ha! I think I died. I used to name my thighs thunder. That’s fantastic. It’s interesting how some people think running is simple. It’s just like being a hockey player, dancer or singer. You’re either good, bad or mediocre. I’m along the lines of, “I just felt like running.”

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