Sorry this is late! but I wanted to share my Valentine’s…

I love the newlywed life. I make lots of yummy things for my sweet Handsome husband to try… and then he had to go to the doctor where we learned we had gained a bit more than we wanted… so now It’s time to make healthy fun newly wed things… or at least learn how to moderate the intake or  perhaps exercise more. Anyways… This Valentine’s Day I made conversation heart- s’mores dipped in candy melts- for the Handsome Husband and our families. Yum!

I googled “homemade graham crackers” and found this recipe. I looked like other bloggers had used this method, so why not try it?

Wellllll I learned why people don’t make their own graham crackers. Graham crackers, made this way, are a pain in the patootie. They get all gross and sticky while trying to shape them the way I wanted. So naturally no two crackers are exactly alike, thus making the- sandwich dipped in candy melts- section a complete mess. Also I can’t find my connection for my camera to me computer… so… I had to use my phone’s camera. Photographers::::warning:::: go away. my pictures aren’t perfect and I’m okay with that. This is for entertainment and mild idea purposes only.

So after making heart shaped tiny cookies*** next time I’m using a bigger cookie cutter*** I dipped them halfway into melted chocolate.

They were sort of tasty at this point… and this was Handsome and my version of the Superbowl. Really? There was a football game on? Nice. Glad I had cookies to make. And so was Handsome.

After they dried I stuffed them with Marshmallow fluff. nom nomnommmmm

Please excuse the horrible shaky picture. I was laughing at this messy part.

And then I dipped them into different colored candy melts with… mixed results. Apparently Candi Quik works wonders, while the stuff from craft stores was just… crap on a pogo stick. Sloppy looking pink and blue ones totally made me pout a lot.

I wrote on them with red edible markers and experimented with the sparkle gel. After the gel had dried on the cookies below, I realized I should have use that stuff in the first place.

Over all, I thought they came out cute.

Obviously these were only fit for family, but hey, they were a hit with that crowd. I was told that they disappeared quickly from the little blue plates.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day. I know we sure did.

Your Happily Newlywed,



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  1. Such a cute idea! Messy or no, they look delicious.

  2. Hey, those are pretty darn cute! And the idea of a candy-dipped s’more makes my mouth water.

  3. That is SO CUTE!! What a novel idea!

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