Sorry this is late! but I wanted to share my Valentine’s…

I love the newlywed life. I make lots of yummy things for my sweet Handsome husband to try… and then he had to go to the doctor where we learned we had gained a bit more than we wanted… so now It’s time to make healthy fun newly wed things… or at least learn how to moderate the intake or ¬†perhaps exercise more. Anyways… This Valentine’s Day I made conversation heart- s’mores dipped in candy melts- for the Handsome Husband and our families. Yum!

I googled “homemade graham crackers” and found this recipe. I looked like other bloggers had used this method, so why not try it?

Wellllll I learned why people don’t make their own graham crackers. Graham crackers, made this way, are a pain in the patootie. They get all gross and sticky while trying to shape them the way I wanted. So naturally no two crackers are exactly alike, thus making the- sandwich dipped in candy melts- section a complete mess. Also I can’t find my connection for my camera to me computer… so… I had to use my phone’s camera. Photographers::::warning:::: go away. my pictures aren’t perfect and I’m okay with that. This is for entertainment and mild idea purposes only.

So after making heart shaped tiny cookies*** next time I’m using a bigger cookie cutter*** I dipped them halfway into melted chocolate.

They were sort of tasty at this point… and this was Handsome and my version of the Superbowl. Really? There was a football game on? Nice. Glad I had cookies to make. And so was Handsome.

After they dried I stuffed them with Marshmallow fluff. nom nomnommmmm

Please excuse the horrible shaky picture. I was laughing at this messy part.

And then I dipped them into different colored candy melts with… mixed results. Apparently Candi Quik works wonders, while the stuff from craft stores was just… crap on a pogo stick. Sloppy looking pink and blue ones totally made me pout a lot.

I wrote on them with red edible markers and experimented with the sparkle gel. After the gel had dried on the cookies below, I realized I should have use that stuff in the first place.

Over all, I thought they came out cute.

Obviously these were only fit for family, but hey, they were a hit with that crowd. I was told that they disappeared quickly from the little blue plates.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day. I know we sure did.

Your Happily Newlywed,


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  1. Such a cute idea! Messy or no, they look delicious.

  2. Hey, those are pretty darn cute! And the idea of a candy-dipped s’more makes my mouth water.

  3. That is SO CUTE!! What a novel idea!

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