One plus One makes Three…

Yep. Me and the Handsome are expecting a little one.  Since I crave bean burritos… we definitely know this kid is part Mexican.  For humor’s sake I’ve been contemplating calling it “Beaner” instead of “it”. Because calling my baby an “It” annoys me, and saying “little him or her” at every reference moment is also annoying and time consuming, Beaner it is. So Beaner is currently 10 weeks and 5 days in production according to Beaner’s size. I know, we didn’t quite wait until the end of the first trimester, but we waited until all normal signposts were still a “go” for Beaner production.  I didn’t want to tell the planet we were pregnant AT ONCE! for a couple of reasons:

1. The parental units of said Beaner were still getting used to the idea of being parental units. Handsome is sort of still at reeling stage. Poor Handsome is a planner and this was a surprise detour on the Path of the Handsome. We were worried how everyone would react.  To our shock and amazement, we were the only ones shocked. Every other living soul (close family and friends) were supportive and excited.

2. (the most important reason) I could have lost the Beaner. In fact we had a minor(read MAJOR) scare at Easter and I was put on bed rest with no happiness until I saw The Doctor. The Doctor gave me an “all clear” with instructions to quit my taxing exercise class. Zumba. Sad Princess face. Life is hard for a mourning mommy that lost her baby. Prayers for a cousin rise up. She’s struggling with physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. I could keep Beaner to myself until we got The Doctor high five.

Handsome declares that he is not calling his child “Beaner”, he’s reverting to the male pronoun, because he is he a “he”, so he’s using “he” to refer to The Beaner. I decided that he can call Beaner a “he” all he wants to, it’ll probably solidify my chances of getting the little princess I want. I’d take the other pronoun too, just with less excitement. We don’t have the boys in my family. My dad has Three  Daughters, a Wife, a Female dog-human(The Pepper), two sisters, and a niece. Most of my cousins on Mama’s side are girls. The force is strong with the females. Women are EVERYWHERE!!!

But the Handsome is the gender-determiner… so… God knows for now. He’s going to place me with the Beaner I need.

In other news, Cousin Bri is also pregnant with a girl. My long time friend- Ally Wally is pregnant with a boy. Beaner will have friends EVERYWHERE!!! Yay for babies! All you girls in Bossier: DON’T DRINK THE WATER. Unless you wanna be totally pregs, in which case my advice changes to: DRINK THE FREAKING WATER. Cousin T just had her little girl in February, she is full of new-mommy love and excitement. I am so glad to be able to ask a bajillion questions to a nurse-lady related to me. She’s an awesome caregiver. Love you T!

I am finally getting used to the idea of being a “mommy”. I have a more constant reminder that I’m pregs… All the lovely body changes happen to ME. It’s no wonder Handsome has a harder time. He can still wear his favorite jeans. He can still eat things like french fries and not feel like death warmed over a sheen of cold sweat.

I don’t have really bad morning sickness, in fact other than the usual feeling of exhaustion-ugh-have-I-just-been-run-over-by-a-mac-truck?-why-can’t-I-sleep-enough? and a bit of nausea, my pregnancy symptoms are relatively benign. I have killer heartburn though. Heaven forbid I go two days without a Zantac. I thought I was having “evening sickness”. Nope. Simply heartburn that’s easily managed. Thanks mommy friend from Dallas. You have been a lifesaver. You know who you are.

In other news, I got laid off from my job in January… and then Handsome came up with an awesome idea.  If I wanted to continue working with my cousin The Florist, I should, and I should see if she could teach me. The Florist was very enthusiastic and she is helping me get my Louisiana Floral License.  I love working with flowers. I also recently got a job at LaBloom in Shreveport.  It’s been great fun learning flower shop ways. I have been trying to absorb as much as possible and I greatly appreciate all of my teachers.  The Florist has been a wonderful help and I hope to flourish in this new endeavor.

Beaner can still be around with flower business. That’s the beauty of it, as long as I get established, I will be able to work from my home and Baby Business will be a challenge, but not unmanageable… I hope. And pray. And cross my toes.

Anywho, that’s the flight-status update on The Princess and the Handsome.

And Beaner? Beaner is proving to be my Handsome’s child by being an evasive goober for the Nurse yesterday at our appointment.  We weren’t going to get a sonogram because if she could capture Beaner’s heartbeat on the speaker and time it, Beaner wouldn’t get pictures. Instead, Beaner evaded the Mean Lady’s microphone after she found Beaner’s heartbeat TWICE. Mean Lady dug the microphone into Mommy’s tummy and nope. Wrong spot! Sonogram time for Beaner the Ham.

On screen my sister got to see little Beaner wave Beaner’s little arms at the camera and Beaner looks quite content. On the OPPOSITE SIDE of where the LADY had originally found the beat. Beaner, evasive little Ham, wanted to take pictures with Beaner’s Aunt Rachody.  Rachody got to see and hear Beaner’s heartbeat. 173 beats per minute. Quite normal according to The Doctor. The Doctor rocks. She is a friend of my Wonderful Cousin M. A close friend. I remember throwing a shower for M at The Doctor’s house. I think it was for M’s eight year old who should not be eight because that makes me old. The Doctor has given me the necessary Doctor’s Note for the Mediterranean Crooooze! Which will be happenin’ soon! Yippeeeeeee!

Life is awesome folks, I hope you’re having an awesome week!

Your Pretty Awestruck,



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  1. mrsbachelorgirl

    CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so excited for you and Handsome. This is going to be the cutest baby in all of Bossier and beyond!

    (And most people would say Beaner is a much better nickname than Ratine, which is Harper’s nickname.)

  2. Congratulations to you both! I was so thrilled when you made the big announcement. It’s a life changer in the best way possible and I know you two will be amazing parents.

    Also – how cool on the flower job!

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