It’s always fun around here.

So lately life has been interesting. I’m in a sort of limbo right now. We had to rip out our shower because it was leaking. And that wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughs. We have had people of all walks of life come in to fix the shower, one way or the other.

Fairy Godmother was a big help, as usual, and made life a bit less terrible. All we lack now is a shower door. After that, we move back into our bathroom. After a thorough cleaning, of course.

Sometime next week my best friend comes in town to say goodbye. She’s going to a convent in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I’m so happy that she’s found her calling. A part of me is sad, because the chances I’ll get to see her will be MUCH fewer. Especially with Lady A. One can hope that she’ll be a fantastic traveling baby, and one day I could take her up to see my dearest friend, but we shall see. I know that my pal will be in a good place. When describing this particular convent to me, she compared it to another she experienced.

“Remember how I told you how quietly joyful those other sisters were?”

“Yeah, these aren’t?”

“At this one? They laugh! Their joy over flows! And I haven’t been hugged so much in my life! I feel loved and useful and I’ll get to learn…”

“Sounds like A***** Heaven.”

“It really is!”

I am thrilled for her. It will be a challenge for me to learn to write. Writing letters is a fun way to keep in touch, but not as instant as this here internets. And folks, everyone can write her as much as they want. That’s a very charming picture in my heart. I’ll be able to teach my little Lady the art of writing letters to her Auntie Sister.  Auntie Sister will have to send me a picture of her in a habit so that I can teach Lady A about her. I’ll have the old pictures of us in my wedding, and my little girl will have access to them when she’s older. I am glad to know a Sister of the Habit. She’ll be my first close friend entering religious life and I love that it’s her.  It fits her like a glove. The devotion, the sisterhood, the teaching, the learning; it’s all a close reflection of my dear friend. In my heart, I can see her there, loving her family and friends through prayer from afar.  She’s dedicating her life to a very great vocation.

In other news, two of my friends have had little boys this week! Seeing the little faces makes me nervous-excited-happy. My friend Peanutt is going home today! Her little boy is so cute and I can’t wait to help her as much as she needs. Even if it’s to hold a screaming baby boy so that she can take a shower in peace. I understand that she’ll need it. And since I’m not far from her, I can visit anytime she needs me. I will be a text away. I’ll need the practice anyhow. I’ll have my own little one in short time.

If only I could get over this chest cold funk- I could go see my Grandma in the hospital and other friend with her baby son!

I hope all is well in your world. Any news to share?

Your Pretty Drowsy-from-cough-meds,



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  1. I’m so excited for your friend! I really hope everything works out for her.

  2. Awww… Darling – you know I love you right? Makin’ me tear up here…

  3. mrsbachelorgirl

    It makes me so, so happy that there are terrific young women like her who are heeding God’s call! The Guy, Harper and I will be praying for A. and wishing her the veryveryvery best.

    • And I’m glad that I know someone “on the inside”. I can hope and pray that our girl gets to transfer to a future priory to be established in Austin, TX. As it is, she’ll be actually going to a priory in Huntington IN. My sisters and I may go visit her as soon as we can! 🙂

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