Update: just a quick note

Well, October has been lovely. I can’t believe it’s almost over. For the first time in several years I only went to the Revel once during the festival and then only for four hours.  My 33 week pregnant self couldn’t waddle much longer than that. I am now at 35 weeks and it’s limiting. I have achieved difficulty in mobility at this point. Before October I was fine. I felt big, but then, that’s a no-brainer. Of course I’m big. I’m in my third trimester! But now life is harder. Hormones rage, sleep is uncomfortable and rarely achieved, feet are swollen.  One feels like a water balloon. One day I will explode and hopefully it won’t be in a place too difficult to clean. Next week I could give birth and Lady A would survive, uncomfortably, maybe, but she’d be here. I am so ready to hold my little girl outside of my innards.

I am now a Louisiana State Florist!  I am thrilled to have passed the floral exam, not having taken a class and knowing what to study for.  My cousin helped so much. She’s such a blessing to me. Speaking of blessings…

My best friend has been Auntie Sister for nearly two months now… Her letters show how happy she is. She sounds busy and dedicated and so very content. Her letters are full of enthusiasm and joy.  By no means does she sound unchallenged and bored, the way her phone calls to me used to sound. Her “voice” is now cheerful, inquisitive, and bright. She is my little prayer warrior dedicated to her work. I love and miss her deeply, it’s been hard to adjust to not being able to pick up the phone and chat about “Once Upon a Time” or the latest development in my growing inmate. I write her long letters and tell her all that I can, and in return she tells me she loves hearing about Lady A’s latest whatever, my family’s exploits, and everything I’ve been up to. Her last letter to me was enormous! I was delighted. Her picture is on their website and she’s the first one! Her smile and the smiles of the other postulants are so very infectious.

Handsome and I have been getting ready for Christmas… hey, it’s smart when you know a future shopping inhibition is going to pop out at any moment. We started buying Christmas in July. HAHA!

I hope you all in the internets are having a marvelous holiday season. Halloween is coming soon!

Your expecting,



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  1. I am so happy for you on so many levels. I know someone who gave birth at 36 weeks and baby was just fine, don’t you worry. And I’m so happy for Auntie Sister! If you can email me her writing address, I’d love to get in touch with her. Best of luck and love my dear.

  2. I remember with an astounding clarity just how uncomfortable those last few weeks can be – keep your chin up! In just a few weeks, you’ll get to spend all day long gazing at your girl, marveling at her tiny toes and kissing her perfect little lips! Oh, and peeing significantly less than every 30 minutes 🙂

    Thank you so much for updating us on Auntie Sister! I loved looking at the photos of the postulants and reading their biographies. They’re all so very beautiful.

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