Getting back into the real world.

Wellllll… Sort of.  I am getting a little bit more done now a days, what with Lady A aka THE CUDDLE MONSTER in Mother’s Day out and all.  I must say that I love how quickly the took to the ladies there. Yesterday was her first day and she cried.  WHEN IT WAS TIME TO LEAVE. Winning!  Score one for the MDO program.  Alyssa was exhausted because in a playtime atmosphere, little naps are had.  She came home and slept for A LONG TIME. MDO 2, Mama’s worries? -100.  She did have the sniffles and has been tugging on the right ear, so today we hit the doctor’s office and it turns out that Miss Thang has an ear infection in that right ear and an upper respiratory infection. Same one I had last week and thought was merely a sinus infection. Yeah. No.

She won’t be attending tomorrow unless by some miracle she doesn’t have any more gross stuff coming out(which I doubt will happen).  But she WILL be there on Friday and I LOVE that place.  Currently I am brainstorming ideas for her first birthday party in November.  It’s crazy how involved and detailed we parents get with our progeny’s birthdays.  Our little fairy princess will be having her party at her Honey and Popi’s house.  My mom and dad have a really nice place, perfect for throwing an adorable little party. I’m already excited about decorating that big ole house.

Speaking of decorating, I am totally excited about the events that are coming up! I have four floral events and two of them are in the Fall, one is later this month!  This is what I mean by “getting back into the real world.” I have good, healthy, hard work to do. There is nothing more satisfying than hard work that fulfills your spirit.  I’m not saying that what I was doing as a full time mom, before, was in any way diminishing.  But in order to feel fulfilled and for my family to be able to meet its long and short term goals, I need to work.  It was my good fortune to find a husband who was willing to help me start my own floral business.  He knew that I loved working with my cousin, Dianne the Florist of the Universe, and that I needed a creative outlet.  Without the Handsome, none of this would have been possible.

I already cleaned out the office and set up my files. I’ve placed an order with a wholesaler. I’ve ordered Oasis and other florist goodies. I am LEGIT. Business cards are on their way.  I even have a website!

These are exciting times, my friends.

In other news, my best friend is now a novice with the Dominican Sisters in Michigan.  She looks thrilled and tickled pink in every SINGLE picture I’ve seen of her. Her name is Sr. John Catherine, and if you want to send her some happy thoughts, send her a letter!

Sister John Catherine, 4597 Warren Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

She doesn’t receive letters from outside of her family until Christmas, Easter, or one of her feast days, whichever comes first, but she could always use some extra love in the mail.  I miss her, but I feel connected with her at Mass and when I pray for vocations I always think of her. I hold her close to my heart. She’s going to get a journal of letters I’ve been keeping on Christmas.  It’s not as hard as I thought it would be, this silence from her.  I do wish for a word here and there, but one of her superiors posts on their Facebook everyday and I have been able to see her happy face several times.  Just seeing her joyful face has chased my woe-is-me feeling away. Because I know that I am only being selfish when I miss her so deeply.  I know that God’s will is for her to have this time of discernment, this time of peace, this time of prayer.

I am going to try to keep my blog going as much as I can, with this extra MDO time, I should be able to do everything right?

Your Pretty Busy-but-Happy



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  1. Love it! All of it! (Well, minus the crud.)

    I wish we could buy peace of mind. I’m so glad you’ve got some of it!

  2. Congrats on all the great life events going on! It is so wonderful when you see how happy the kids are at their care program. And yes, there will be lots of sniffles and ear infections, but what doesn’t kill ’em makes ’em stronger and your little gal is a tough one.

    Love the new website!

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