C’est la Vie

Hi! My name is…. Stephanie and I’m a pretty princess. I’m a princess living in Shreveport, Louisiana. I have a wonderful fiancee whom I shall refer to as “Handsome” ’cause that’s what I call him… and it suits him! Of course I’m not an actual princess, my bloodlines have more flavors than Dr. Pepper. I do, however, get myself into mischief(often due to clumsiness), have an obsession with shiny things(hello!!!! I’m a girl!), have a fairy godmother (for real. all she needs is the wand and magical powers to complete the whole image) and I will be marrying a handsome prince of a man who spoils me rotten. I have an over-fondness for Disney and all things princess. I can sing nearly all of the songs and if you speak in Disney quotes, I will more than likely laugh and respond in kind. My current picture is of me trying on tiaras at Downtown Disney’s shop. It suites me, even though my hair is a mess in the picture… Hey, I didn’t say I was a perfect princess, just a pretty one.

My latest adventure is getting married and surviving the crazy business of it all.  I have two younger sisters, The Maid of Honor (Aka Rachody) who is the best at all things organizing and at calming me down when flames start to flicker and I turn in to a pretty-darned-scary-princess-from-hell. AKA Bridezilla. I have already embraced the fact that these moments will happen and I feel hugely sorry for my friends, family and fiancee when some tiny detail upsets me and I blow my tiara. I digress. The other sister is The Baby. She’s the youngest of us, the tallest of us, and the biggest smart- @ss of us. She’s spunky in a big way and many of our family jokes/ quotes are either from her or my fairly adorable Daddy.

My parents recently celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary. Daddy is the affable sort with a penchant for guitar playing while the TV is on. Mama is a ready-to-retire-Kindergarten-teacher and a Scrapbooking consultant for Creative memories.. She shall be from here on known as the Scrapbook Queen. Our most important(in her eyes anyway) member of our family is The Pepper.

Pepper Ann is the Rachody’s dog-human-no-dog-no-wait-cat?- no DOG. She’s a mini schnauzer with adorable sticky-outey ears, a devious mind, a delicate stomach, delicate skin, and a personality that would make Eleanor of Aquitaine proud. She’s the benevolent dictator in our house. She has us very well trained and is at least as smart as a precocious three year old. She only has yet to verbalize. But as communication is merely 15% verbage and 85% body language, she gets her point across rather well for a ten pound canine.

We have a very busy, naturally loud, home in south Bossier. Handsome’s house in comparison is very quiet. Not too quiet, but calm. It’s my favorite place to chill after all the craziness of the day. I’m a zany, busy individual and I would pack my day with three activities at one time if was up to me. He keeps me from going too crazy, which is a huge relief to the Rachody.

I’m going to marry His Handsomeness and we are going to live in a lovely cottage… (I’m excessively fond of a cottage) ok, it’s a three bedroom house in the ‘burbs, but it’s still cute. We’re currently in the process of setting it up. I am so excited to be marrying this man! Even though he has an over fondness for lawn gnomes, and I have urges to put something on every wall, we are going to have a very fun, happy life.

That’s me!

Pretty Steph


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