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Just Call me a Chicken…

Sooo… yeah there was this wedding thing that was crazy and awesome and fabulous and all… It was so eventful that it’s a terribly intimidating post. I’ve been intimidated. My own wedding was my bully. Blog wise.

The rehearsal was wonderful and fun. After the rehearsal our dear group of friends came over to our future abode. Friends that have been constant as the sunrise. They made all of my butterflies fly away… temporarily anyways. When Manda brought in her wedding present to us, the others asked if they could get/ bring in theirs. We said sure! So then we had an impromptu wedding shower, only without cake. (Unless you count the rehearsal dinner dessert of cheeeeeesecake! yum-Bernie) We visited until Genius looked down at his watch and wished us a happy wedding day. We all laughed. Then when everyone had left, Handsome and I exchanged our gifts to each other.

I opened this beautiful box and inside were two things, another package and a small scrapbook. It was a mini history of us. He Made it!  Handsome had used up his creative quota on the most beautiful book for me. I loooooove it! The last page was left blank for a picture of us on our wedding day. I was so happy and impressed with my dear future-Husband-face. The smaller package was a necklace from Jared’s. It’s very pretty and something to cherish.

I got him cuff links from the fabulous company, Celtic Promise. The cuff links matched his ring. I also gave him a blog I had started while we were only dating, but by then, I knew. Handsome was THE ONE. It’s a private one and all his. I knew he would like it, especially since it’s something he can access whenever he want.

It’s funny isn’t it, that both us gave the other two presents. One, a dialogue of beautiful memories; the other, something decorative and symbolic of our special day.

The wedding day? Insane amounts of fun.

We began the festivities with a Bridal Luncheon hosted by none other than the FAIRY GODMOTHER!!! She is the best anyone could ever ask for.  The bridal luncheon was at Chianti’s and it was FABULOUS. The flowers were gorgeous, the food was delicious, the wine was perfect. I settled my stage jitters with my out of town guests and family and dear friends.   Having this lunch was wonderful. I got a chance to see and visit with people who took the trouble of traveling hundreds of miles so see me get married. My wonderful FG made a beautiful toast that made everyone tear up joyfully.  My aunt and godmother is a wonderful woman y’all.

I attempted to eat the entree'(who on Earth can eat properly on their wedding day??), and almost left before they wheeled out the dessert cart… and then everyone laughed as I backed up the bus and plopped myself back into the chair… CHOCOLATE MOUSSE cake! Perfect for the nervous princess and the only thing that sustained me throughout the wedding. I got my hair done at the Renaissance Salon in Bossier City where the ladies there do a fantastic job and Tessa worked her magic on most of my ladies and my adorable fairy princess godchild.

We arrived at the Church and I was cooped into my bridal room until it was time. We got me dressed and received our flowers from our Flower Lady Cousin. We marveled at how adorable Miss Flower Princess was. The Baby provided relaxing and celebrational music.

After I was dressed, the girls were dressed, the guys had arrived, the Trolley was waiting, guests were all there, and everyone was lined up by the Wedding Gurus… we all realized one thing was missing- The Minister!!!!!

Well… everyone but me anyways. They had taken my stuff away, including my appendage known as my cellphone… and I was alone for twenty minutes before they informed me. I was surprisingly not freaking out. I was only worried about the dude. What could have happened? (Handsome was freaking out for both of us) My dad went out and made a short announcement that we were all here and merely waiting on the minister…

Guests enjoyed the music played by Shreveport Symphony members… who came and left… still no minister.

He finally came an hour late. By then I was really ready to walk down that aisle. Everything was set back- late by an hour.  .. but let’s focus on the awesome parts…

I married the love of my life!

Handsome was awesome. He made my gals swoon…

My girls looked AMAZING. I mean, look at them. All single. And on March 16th all legal. wink wink.

The cuteness squad ruled.

Daddy marveled at the beauty of his daughters,

The wedding party was great! Look at us! Ah-MAYZIIIING!

After our quickie photo shoot we jumped into the Trolley and got ourselves to the Petroleum Club, where we started the dancing.

Smug bride face.

Such a happy couple. side note- I’m wearing my Flower Princess’ charm bracelet- I have started for her. She’ll get it when she receives her First Holy Communion… but she can wear it to fancy things while I’m around- like to my wedding. She was falling asleep on the Trolley so we put it on me for safe keeping.

The cake was gorgeous! Alyson at A Piece of Cake was awesome!

The grooms cake was a chocolate xbox 360- It totally suited the groom. See the figurines? The soccer player groom and shopper bride toppers were too cute, but too informal for my cake, so I had them set on the groom’s table. Handsome likes them quite a bit. He saw them in a magazine, and loved the soccer player.

After cake, and during cake, and throughout the reception people danced to the rhythms of Windstorm Show Band of Shreveport. The Windstorm was AWWWEsome! Another bout of awesomeness brought to me by the amazing Fairy Godmother.

Another favorite of the guests was the photobooth-

My girls ham it up!

Mom and her teacher gang- Kindergarten and the principal.

She made this awesome scrapbook for the wedding and they had an attendant who helped our guests stick a copy of their strip onto a page for us, while they got the other.

Phelps Photo booth- they were an extra last minute add-on, but they were fabulous! Contact Roy at He’s reasonable and great to work with!

Fairy Godmother and I loved on the Handsome. Because he was just too… well… Handsome!

My beautiful cousin caught my bouquet, which accidentally was one of my bridesmaid bouquets… whoops! Sorry girls! I couldn’t find the toss bouquet! If I had tossed the actual one, someone would have gotten hurt for sure. That thing was HEAVY. But gorgeous. After that we took several pictures of Handsome and me.

I couldn’t stop kissing him. After being showered with bubbles, we jumped into my car(It’s the bigger of the two vehicles and I had to fit. I was huge in that dress!).

The next morning we were sleep deprived and drunk from exhaustion- not alcohol… but I’ll tell the Honey moon story some other time.

And it all couldn’t have happened without my Fairy Godmother. She’s amazing, folks. She has thoroughly spoiled me. I love her more than I can tell you and she is wonderful. I can only hope to be as elegant and generous as she is one day.

Thank you so much, dearest Lady,

Your Pretty Princess

Photos by Jena Leigh Photography

All of my vendors did not give me anything for endorsing them, but they were amazing. Thanks be to all of them.

Now… on to Christmas! Handsome and I are ready!


And today is the big day. . .

Today I really will marry my best friend. Literally. He and I almost didn’t date for the fear of our ending a truly wonderful friendship. Three years later we are getting married. I love you Handsome.

Busy Bride to Beeeeee!!!!… and a lesson on tact.

My Name is Stephanie and I have aweddingineightdaysandImgoinginsane-itis.  It’s a sickness. Only it’s symptoms can be treated.  Example?

Mental Restlessness-Patient should be given the Internets.  The crazy amount of information to be found on Wikipedia may or may not relax the individual. (Mad Queen Maria of Portugal anyone?)

Physical Restlessness– Send the girl to the gym for a Zumba class, failing that, make her do the Zumba Party game on Wii or xbox until worn slap out

Odd cough that doesn’t seem to come from sinus issue? Diagnosis: Acid Reflux in the Larnyx– treat with Zantac 2x-150mg

Crazy Appetite– Screw traditional eating times. Give her a cookie every now and then… seems to be only food that can go down without causing nausea or gas. Make sure the cookie is nutritious.

Desire to sit upside down in a chair?– got nothin. Just watch and clap I guess. (side note- I actually did this, see? It’s not comfortable… One needs the seat of the chair to extend for the position not to hurt the neck.)

I’m totally nervous. and going bonkers.  At least occasionally I have fun. I’m not worried about who I’m marrying, Handsome is wooooonderful. I’m just worried about all the DIY details we have in the works here. On the bright side, we have a bunch of cute things involved in this flying umbrella.  We we we so excited. (It’s Friday, Caterpillar, so nyah ;^)…)

Ok. Next topic. So I could be totally over sensitive right now, but I think people, particularly those of a certain age need to learn tact in a certain arena.

When approaching a couple who is about to get married, or who are newly wed:

PLEASE don’t ask them when they are thinking about having children. Don’t bother. It’s Nunya. As in None ya business.

Wonder to yourself. Write a blog, in a journal, talk to SOMEONE not that person. KEEP YOUR ANNOYING QUESTIONS TO YOURSELF.

Realize that it’s NONE, absolutely NONE, of your concern. And it doesn’t matter how close you think that you are to the couple, or even one of the members of said couple. YOU AREN”T WELCOME IN THEIR MARRIAGE BED. Get out before he/she rips you a new one or starts crying hysterically.(What if there’s a fertility issue, freak?)

Don’t get overly involved in someone ELSE’s uterus. You are asking a couple of people very serious personal questions. They only need to consult with each other to achieve an answer of timing and trying. You aren’t going to influence anyone over their choice.

In short…Show some courtesy and talk about other things. Food, holidays, the honeymoon location, shoot, the WEDDING (honestly, most brides and grooms barely remember that wild whirlwind of a night. Your take on their event would be fun to know.)

Oh and if you disagree with their choice, IT’S NOT YOUR CHOICE. Get over their decision.

My future spouse and I have some dear friends who are a lovely young couple. They’ve been married for two years. And they are wonderful together, they have had these two years of growth as a couple and as individuals. They are an awesome example of young marriage. People constantly nag the pair about giving birth. Birth guys. It’s hard, beautiful, lovely and terrifying. BIRTH. Making a PERSON to be raised. Babies DO NOT add a stress-free atmosphere to a family. They ADD stress to it. They are wonderful additions to a beautiful family, don’t get me wrong. I love the families that roll into church with their mini tribes. I love their human expressions of love. Babies are wooooonderful.  But they are a lot of hard work. To be a good parent, one must step up.  Leave my friends alone with your uneducated opinions. Take them to a journal or a blog.

Bite your tongue.

Your pretty opinionated,


The Princess is Showered… I need to Ketchup.

T-minus One Month until the Wedding Extravaganza! There are less and less things TO DO and more and more things DONE!  The anticipation is overwhelming. Last weekend I watched as a work- cohort got married to her Prince Charming .  She was very lovely and the church was very nice.

Future Mrs. Bee walking down the aisle with her daddy. She was radiant.

Ringing his bride- who had the giggles and he had manly tears streaming. Hey, it was a big moment for him, he just made a giant formal declaration to be everything for His Lady Bee.

Sealed with a kiss!

And then they all lived happily ever after and went dancing! After pictures of course.  At the reception we sat at tables and each had our own Moustache, lovingly provided by our bride.

Do I not look like my dad, or what? It’s uncanny, especially if you compare this to pictures of him in the seventies. I’m told he was hot stuff. I think his hair was huge.

Before the Bee Wedding, I had a family wedding shower and it was awesome!

Fairy Godmother had THE MOST elegant, wonderful shower for me. When I arrived, I HAD to go and scope everything out. I knew she had done wonderful things. There was silver polished to a gleam, crystal and glass shimmering in the soft light. There were mimosas and punch, and all kinds of brunch foods. Hashbrown casserole, Grillades and grits, cheese straws, fruit, Quiche, and biscuits and jelly! Fairy Godmother even made cute BUTTER! I had to get a tiny star butter pat just because it was so cute. Everything was very tasty especially these….

My aunt is a cake. If there’s a party, if there’s a gathering, she’s the one bringing the cake, trying the cake, waiting til the cake is cut.

So of course she had adorable petit fours with S monograms on them. They were DELICIOUS! Julie Anne’s Bakery does a phenomenal job.

Me with most of my Fabulous Hostesses!!! Tooth Fairy, Fairy Godmother and her bestie!!!

Look at that gorgeous table! Isn’t it just the most beautiful? Her house is the epitome of elegance and her taste shone throughout the shower. From the food down to the decorations, it was a lesson on how to throw a shower. I hope to be half as talented and wonderful when I grow up.

Me and the Fairy Godmother. Apparently We both needed to hold onto a chair by the end of the shower.

I got so many wonderful gifts and got to see so much family, it was just all so splendid! I was a truly showered Princess. No one else has a Fairy Godmother like we do. What would we do without her? She’s wonderful, beautiful, talented and generous. Thank You so much!

This past weekend we got more wedding accessories finished. Quick program preview:

 I know, I know, it’s tiny, but I want the full effect to be experienced on THE DAY OF.

Next weekend is going to be a another fun shower weekend!

Today we are at 26 days until THE WEDDING! AAHHHHH! It’s so close!

Your pretty showered!



And the verdict is….

So I went in to Dr. Shaman Miracle. She is amazing and really cares about her patients. Makes sure that you are properly diagnosed and treated. The cough grew worse over the weekend and even after taking a over the counter cough suppressant. Nothing was suppressed here.

Hack hack cough cough bark bark.

I have the most annoying hacking cough ever. By the end of all this, I was annoying myself, got no sleep due to the hacking, and yesterday I coughed a bit of the red stuff… from over-coughing, of course! Had to call Awesome Dr. Sherrin Mercer, who is Dr. Miracle.

Dr. Miracle’s Diagnosis? Upper respiratory infection going from viral to bacterial.  Just call me Princess of germs, (ewwwww) or as Dad sometimes lovingly calls me, “Snot Rag.” Isn’t he sweet? So I got a shot in the boooooty, and some fun prescriptions that make one very tired and loop-de-looly in the Brain.  Hopefully I can return to exercise soon. Going upstairs makes me short of breath at present, so aerobics is out of the question and I’m sure everyone at the gym would prefer for my circus of germs to stay at home.

Good job, body. Worst timing ever.  The most awesome part of Fall is going on right now, in my opinion…. THE REVEL!!! Every year this festival takes place Downtown Shreveport and it’s awesome!  Not too many BIG names are headliners, but Better than Ezra is the rock band and Windstorm Show band plays Friday night.

Fairy Godmother is GOING! The family is GOING! We are going to experience the awesomeness of our wedding show band!  I hope they rock our faces off and I hope the lung-funk (as my Artguru’s babysitee called it, THE DEATH) is gone by then.

If anyone is near Shreveport, climb out of your caves and go eat a funnel cake, listen to music, shop and marvel. Bring the kids. They have an entire section devoted to the short stacks in your life. Get Spiderman painted on your face, experience the dig, maybe some sand art. My favorite booth as a little princess was always the craft booth. I made many a worthless macaroni necklace, and several magnets for the fridge as a tiny princess with curls. Possibly a crown as well. I just remember it as the best fun EVER.

Uncle G will never forget taking Fairy G and me to the Revel as a date. They were only dating at the time. He loves to tell the story of how he and Fairy Godmother said, “No thanks!” to my parents who were offering them a stroller. Uncle G learned that day how heavy a two and a half year old can get. What lightened the load for him was everyone complimenting on my aunt and future uncle’s “baby girl” and he told every one that I was theirs. “Why yes, she’s ours!” “Oh, she’s just so cute!” Thanks! “What a lovely baby!”  He learned though. Next time, take the stroller. Kids are heavy and whiny if they’re on their feet too long.

Everyone, go and have a big time at the Red River Revel Arts Festival sometime this week.

Your Reveling



ANOTHER one of THOSE weeks…

The world of Stephanie, Pretty, Pretty Princess of Shreveport has been pretty busy.  There are a multitude of things going on at any given point. The candy shower was awesome, though there were so many things going on that weekend. I believe that my family is still recovering. The Baby had a marvelous Homecoming, The Cousin had a marvelous wedding and I had a Marvelous Shower.   Truly Marvelous. The Insane-in-the-membrane part of these marvels is that they occurred on the SAME day. I’m impressed that my head didn’t just whirl right off my shoulders.

We missed a lot of the Baby’s stuff, she has some adorable pictures of her and her GIGANTIC mum (Daddy was acting paparazzo). It is one of the senior mums, and whoo-ee! Her best friend and escort got it big.  It was beautiful, and loud. There was an entire bag of bells tied all up in it. Her shoes were mondo-cute, her dress was cute, her hair was done-up beautifully. I love events like those. Excuses to get all dressed up.  What princess wouldn’t?

Did anything go wrong with such a fabulous day, you ask? Other than wearing the wrong shoes to the Dixie Gin, you mean? I wouldn’t call it wrong. But I did forget my hostess gift. Dear Mrs. K didn’t even think a thing of my forgetfulness. I was so nervous something was going to go wrong and that no one would be there. Naturally, when I have one of these slip ups, the world goes askew. Must be something in the cosmos.

Sunday was a whirl of making cute things and writing thank you notes! Once again I praise my Fairy Godmother for insisting that we write thank you notes for every gift we receive. It made us assuredly polite. She has us so well trained in manners! It is so very easy to express gratitude and wishes of well being. Once must simply write down one’s appreciation for the gift and how much the person giving the gift means to you. It’s a very good habit. Thank you, FG!

Here come’s the askew nature of the world. It couldn’t have just been forgotten. No. I accidentally delivered the gift to the wrong house! At lunch on Monday, I ran errands with Handsome in tow. Poor Handsome. He was whipped around everywhere in this part of Shreveport. He must have been terribly lost once we had gone to Taco Bell, the bank, the post office, and then finally “Mrs. K’s” house. We went back to our respective offices. Later, on my way home I called FG letting her know I had delivered the gift to ###”Wrong” Avenue! Oh dear! I quickly got into a turning lane to rush to “Wrong House” and recover the present for my dear hostess. Only to discover that my present was brought inside by the young dude living at ### Wrong Avenue. About five years older than me, and he looked pretty nice.

I thanked him and we awkwardly laughed over him definitely not being “Mrs. K” on my note. So I left and rushed to the correct house ### Right Avenue. See the streets have the same numbering and the two streets have the same first initial. Anyone could have done it. But of course I had to.  FG heard from Mrs. K (and I hope she’s well, she had heart surgery the next day), she got my note and gift. Great! Whew.

Tuesday night Rachody and I finished the scandalous shower’s invitations. They are so cute, if I do say so myself. 😉

We had simply piled all of our gifts in the living room on Saturday at the Cottage (I’m Excessively fond of a Cottage). Wednesday night we cleared space for our new dishes and things. It was a blast! Just like a couple of kids at Christmas. We set up his beloved bread maker and I cooed over my beautiful new dishes once more and put them in their special place in the cabinets. I love the new stuff. Especially the Mrs. K present! I received a Mariposa Clematis platter. Gorgeous. All of my new things are lovely. From the practical, useful items, to the ornate pewter serving ware.

I am such a very pampered princess.

Last night we groggily watched some DBZ and I coughed and coughed, so Handsome rubbed Vicks Vaporub on my upper chest/throat… Instant but not lasting relief. Whew! That stuff stinks! Allergies-or-cold-or-whatever-this-is-es? Suck.

Your coughing


Cuteness ABOUNDS!!!

As promised, the Fairy Godmother pulled out all the stops and the shower was GORGEOUS!!!  My Fairy Godmother is a true blessing in my life and so VERY talented! I greatly appreciate all she does for me. My wedding promises to be the biggest bash Shreveport will ever experience, thanks to her generosity and support.  I am such a magically blessed princess. Thank God for my wonderful godmother.  She works so hard to make everything beautiful. It was well worth the nerves of being little miss spotlight for the first time in my life since I was two.  I’d also like to thank Rachody for all the cute pictures and all of her help and support.

Here are the details and pictures of my wonderful wedding shower. Many thanks to all who could make it!

The Yacht Club ceiling. Pink streamers from the balloons made the light in the room soft and pink!

Candy jars detail. The theme was Candy and it was as though Candyland, the game became real life awesomeness!!!

The cake table with the punch and water dispensers, isn’t it de-lovely?

Me- enjoying wonderful company at the adorable tables. Can you see the centerpiece? My in-town bridesmaids and I worked on them with the Fairy Godmother acting as director.

Candy-as-flowers in the arrangements!!!!

Me and the Lovely, Wonderful Mrs. K- Hostess for the mostess!

Me and my present attendants. Future tooth fairy got me a woooonderful surprise, more on that later.

Opening presents was fun, Future Tooth Fairy wrote down my info so that I could thank everyone later. And Rachody helped organize the un-wrapping, the  and the trash detail

I know the picture is a little dark- but look what Future Tooth Fairy got me!!?!??

CHERRY BLOSSOM DEPRESSION GLASS BOWL!!!! I have been flirting with it in a local Antique shop and she was with me once… After I showed it to her, the wonderful gal picked it up for me after we had left!!!

“We we we so excited.”- Rebecca Black

My depression glass collection is getting impressive.

Anywho, many thanks to all who came! I had a BLAST!

Special thanks to RingBEARs Mommy, Future Tooth Fairy, THE Tooth Fairy herself, Fairy godmother, and Mrs. K.

After and during the take-down we could tell how much effort was put into making the Yacht clubhouse splendid. It was universally transformed. Fairies came through and made it wonderful and then they took it away once the party was over.

We then left and went to B&GWD11!!!!

Aka- Bri and Gregg’s Wedding Day 2011. The event had a title. Oh yeah. In my family we get it BIG. Aunt Rain is a Fairy Mommy herself. She transformed that tin building into a country-vintage charming affair. She took Bri’s colors and made it glow in that room. I bow down to her genius. Weddings are a tremendous amount of work and she made it WORK. The Keys to a good marriage advice, the photo booth, the how sweet it is candy/ honey bar things… Oh it was fantastic.

The coolest part though was all Mother-Nature. There was a dancing praying mantis on the Mother of the groom’s chair in the flower jar. He was orange and yellow. He matched the lilies (see? He came all dressed up for the occasion). He was enjoying the string selections. He swayed to the music and when the music stopped, he stopped. Then the seating-of-the-mother’s music began and he danced some more. All of a sudden this lady came and got in his view, being a lover of music, he climbed her arm and hair-do in order to get a better view. Unfortunately some fun- ruiner had to pick him up and spoil his view. Being among kind, non-bug-killing folk, he got placed on the ground where he could endeavor to get even CLOSER to the string group. I hope he enjoyed himself.

The Bride was radiant, the Groom looked delighted, the Mothers all teared up, life was beautiful.

Nurse was a-glow with her little bundle. She was very beautiful.  Looked healthy and full of life and energy. I loved her dress!

MOH’s speech made everyone who has a sister tear up. It was heartfelt, funny and sweet.

I hope and pray that Bri and Gregg have a wonderful happy marriage and every day is better than the day before.

Your pretty grateful and charmed,


Getting things done!

This wedding is going to be so great. What with the Fairy godmother pulling out all the stops and the best part of marrying Handsome, how could it not be? Sure, there are a million things to be handled, but it’s a WEDDING. Of course there are a million and one things to do. So it makes sense when I stay up to eleven, making three hundred little blue bows for Rachody to glue onto three hundred candy bags. As soon as the stickers come in for the bags, I’ll post cutesy pictures of the finished product!

This weekend I have my first wedding shower held by Mrs. K, a dear Friend of Fairy godmother.  Fairy godmother has been helping so much with the shower! I am so excited and grateful for all the work she’s put into everything!  From the candy centerpieces to the party favors this shower is going to be SUCH fun. I am excited about this cute candy shower! And right after the shower, we make a mad dash to Cousin Bri’s wedding!

Bri and Three G are getting married! They are a very sweet couple, they are both very easy going and lively.  I hope and pray that their day goes smoothly for them. It should be so special for such special people.

Aren’t those grins just precious?

I ran around town on Monday picking up things for November’s The Wedding Extraordinaire! I decided this doozy deserves a special name. The Wedding Extraordinaire! or TWE! for short.

So far off the checklist:

-Unity Candles

-Champagne Glasses(Pier 1- who knew?)

-hostess gifts

-wrapping for hostess/wedding party gifts

– sweet treat sign block lettering.

-more pink and blue ribbon for things yet unknown, but one can never have too much ribbon for wedding events, as I have come to discover.

Tonight is for relaxing with Handsome. Who has now gotten me into watching Dragon Ball Z with him. I like to giggle at the growl-pauses and the power-up-pauses. I can’t help it. It’s endearing. It reminds me of the days when I watched entirely too much Sailor Moon as a teenager. *wishing I had the series on DVD*

Tomorrow we’ll assemble hostess gifts and I’ll play at graphic designing a while. The Baby needs her a T-shirt for her section. I remember the wishing that someone would make awesome section t-shirts when I was high school. This is one of the reasons I don’t mind making t-shirts for The Baby. My favorite shirt is the teal one I made for her sophomore year.


I loved making it, and it wasn’t spectacularly difficult. This year I hope to have the same or more success at making a sweet design. At least one the Baby likes. PHS Homecoming is Friday! Whoop whoop. All this means is that the Baby has been supremely busy with school activities and homework and occasionally dressing up for spirit days. I’ll catch her playing in October. Its when the best performances are. You know, when the freshmen are used to the marching gig and the band has that show down PAT. I can’t wait to see her play at the games. Her percussion skills far surpass my own. Her oboe skills probably do too, though she never touched one.

For all you who didn’t know, I sucked at oboe. I only picked the instrument because it’s supposedly a rare enough instrument, and that if I had excelled, I would have been eligible for scholarships! … yeah…  The only band scholarship I ever received was for pit percussion. I should have just been doing that all year round in high school. When I played the oboe, fairies died and angels lost their wings. I had to clap extra hard and ring extra bells just to make up for my aural abuse. Props to those who have mastered the instrument of doom. I only got a gum habit out of it. Thanks Oboe.

The cruddy allergies have been attacking us here lately. I need to ask someone informed what all this mess is that is making Mydonna and Mycarol and me all sneezy. We’re the seven dwarfs over here in tha Office. Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, and we need to see a Doc to be Happy. haha. Made that one up all by myself. Whew. That was hard work. Now to get back to the grind.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Your pretty coughing,


ps- check out this video. It’s impressive and sweet.

T- minus two months and counting!!!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted!  The fairy tale princess wedding is quickly approaching. This means showers and more frantic planning and handling details, details, DETAILS!!!! Poor Handsome can only sit idly by and watch as the bride gets a million things to do.  I have to decide Candy Bar details very soon.  I want to make a cute label for our candy bags. Hopefully soon I will fine the time to sit and make it. I mentioned to my friend, The Caterpillar Guru that I had wanted to make a sweet logo for my blog… well I finished his header and have yet to start on mine. Several ideas are ready to rock, but I haven’t the time to diddle and piddle with my lovely blog. ***le sigh*** On to other news?

We met with the Father and we are nearly completely ready to rock and roll with the programs… we only have to decide on the music and the sentimental message… and so they aren’t really complete at all. But I know what I want them to look like! That’s a start!

I hope they will be nice.

This wedding is so full of details and I hope that everything gets done on time and gets completed with class and style. I wonder if I’ll even remember half of the wedding day.  All this crazy stuff is happening for one joyous occasion, and it will all be over in a flash of time. I feel like I’ve been engaged for years, though it has only been six months. I know I have some gray hair to be attributed to this whirlwind thunderstorm of a wedding.

I’m sure the wedding will be lovely.

Will I ever cease to be nervous about everything?  It’s going to be so big, there are so many steps to accomplish.  I have fittings and showers and thank you notes and remembering to order the candy on time, with the right weather. I have church ladies, photographers, hair dressers, cantors, and MORE to contact. Handsome can only do so much, since he’s the Groom and all.  I think Grooms get out too easy. Except they get to have a hold a human wad of crazy for the rest of their lives.  The vows themselves are warning label.

In sickness and in health … (Cracker! You gotta take CARE of yo woman/man!!! No matter what kinda of ailment they be sufferin’!) For richer or for poorer (Be careful what moneys they like to be spending…) In good times or in bad ( You know stuff is gonna go down that will be hard. And no matter what, you gotta do your best when s*** goes down) Til death do you part…(MMMHMMMM! That’s right. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings!)

Everything in parentheses should be spoken with Octavia Spencer as Minny’s voice.


The Help was such an awesome movie/book. I loved the movie so much, I bought the audiobook. I laughed and I cried. That was the best story ever and they did a fairly nice job on the movie. Glad I saw it first though. There was plenty that had been left out.  My Fairy godmother caught a big movie blooper. Did you?

I hope that everything will turn out well, this should be a great, big party. I hope nothing goes up on smoke.

Please pray for those people who have lost lives and home in East Texas. They have it far worse than I.

Your pretty busy,



This weekend is sure to be a blast! The Fairy Godmother, the Future Tooth Fairy, The Baby, and Rachody and me are ALL going to Jefferson, Texas! We are super excited to be going antique hunting with our Fairy Godmother.

We HAVE to visit the Big Red Barn- AKA- The Old Mill Antique Shop, we have to get fudge at the Fudge Shoppe, and (according to my dear office mate) we must go to the General Store. Apparently they have antiques and and old- fashioned soda shop. This is a particular thrill for me, the last place I went that had a soda shoppe was the Centerpoint trip to Mountain View, AR with Handsome. We had a wonderful time and I enjoyed those shakes and soda fountain drinks. I could have stayed to dink around.

Goodness, if only I had already fallen for antiques before now. Can you IMAGINE the things I could have found in Arkansas, previous to this past month? I have been to Mountain View and Hot Springs and I have spent considerable amounts of time in several old towns, like McKinney, TX and Mansfield, LA. I’m sure I’ve overlooked treasures, not knowing what was in front of me. Oh, the agony!

Haha! Such dramatics.

I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to play in so many shops and such, full of the wonders of the not-so distant past.

I may be on the look out for a china cabinet. I will need one very soon, what with all the fun stuff I’m getting and the upcoming wedding!!!

You never know what you may find at an antique store, displays can look like this:

In case you were wondering, yes, that IS a wig wearing a tiara.

This was from the day of antiquing beginnings brought to us by The Baby. I invited the Pepperdy to go on this adventure…

She looked at Dad,

“Dad, are YOU going?” Since he wasn’t, she decided to keep him company instead. If the girls are busy dinking around with smelly old stuff, they hardly have time to mess with Her Highness. If it wasn’t too big(and expensive!!!), the tiara would probably suit her better than me.

More Ketchup?

Here are a few of my scrapbook pages, including one with myself and Mrs. Jessica.

I spy… Me! In horrible uniform shorts!


It’s been a week of antici… PATION over here… (And now I want to dance the Time Warp… sometimes my ADD even annoys myself)

Since last week’s birthday party:

Handsome blowing out his candles

The next big news is that I have my bridals appointments started. I am now going to do a trial run with my hairdresser lady, and hopefully nail that part down-shut-tight!  My current lady hasn’t seemed very enthusiastic.  Maybe I should go the crazy expensive way. *nerves beginning to jitter* Does anyone have splendid advice for hair designers? This person will have to use brute force on the baby sister’s wild mane. I’m starting to seriously worry…

The upside of the bridal news is we’ll be taking my pictures in a haunted dwelling in Shreveport. How exciting will this be? The Logan Mansion is very lovely and has a gorgeous stairway!  I’m more excited about the stairway than specters, but what if I actually get to see the girl of Logan Mansion? Theodora Hunt was a young lady who supposedly launched herself from the top window. Dad found her in the Shreveport Census, so she existed… but does the echo of her tragedy linger? I wonder…

Your pretty indescribable,