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So… It’s been a thousand years or something.

It feels like it has been a year or something since I last posted… wait. It HAS been!  Having a baby and starting a business and traveling with a baby… twice… really catches up with a person!  But even though I’ve been absent from here, I haven’t given up this blog which was my escape so long ago. I could vent all of my varied experiences and the world who wanted to know, would be able to read on.

During the sabbatical I have had so many emotional changes and experiences. I said goodbye to my best friend who is about to enter her second year with the Dominican sisters in Ann Arbor as a novice. I miss her so very much, but I know in my heart that she is in the place God wants her to be.  We, my sister Rachel, and Lady A and I visited her while she was temporarily in Indiana as a postulant. She was radiant with happiness. Her whole demeanor is completely new. She is a smiley- faced nun. I love it. Auntie Sister prays for us and has been home to visit in late May, early June. She still has that happy glow when she speaks of her sisters and the Motherhouse. She’s made a CD! The sisters made a CD during Lent and the beautiful chants are so very heart touching and soul soothing. There are samples of a few songs if few follow my link.

In other news, my darling Lady A is nearly eight months old and boy! Is she a handful or what? She had colic in the week six until the fourth month and from then launched into aggressive teething… She is still teething, but she has those middle bottom two and we think that she’s working on the top at present. I should rename the child Drool Machine, but I’m sure that would be frowned upon and may get me charged with child abuse in future if I did that. She made it into her eighth month by the hardest. I can be grateful about her health. Aside from a couple of booger nose colds, she hasn’t been seriously ill (knock on wood).

She is a seriously beautiful child and I truly hope that she has an awkward stage SOMETIME in development or she will end up being a mean girl, and I will NOT like that. There should be glasses, braces, and (if she has her daddy’s bad luck) a bit of acne. Her parents had plenty of awkwardness, never fear. What’s odd is that this child is in the 90% for height… at present anyway. Handsome and I are short. He was so short as a youth it was sad. Even his younger by two years brother loomed over him. Until junior year and I could suddenly see the hairs in his nose. Any who. Back to the Lady.

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by Kelly Powell of Powell Photography

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2013-01-21 08.30.10 2013-01-22 15.12.49 2013-01-23 15.13.18 2013-01-23 15.30.51 A doctor A smile

She is geniunely happy to meet people, as long as mommy is in sight or hearing distance. She loves my mother and her Honey got her to laugh for the first time, which delighted and astounded us. We almost cried. I understand why the myth of Fairies being born of a baby’s first laugh came to be. There’s something truly magical and heart- melting about the delicious sound. Particularly when it’s your child. I’ll never forget it. She is an absolute treasure. It is already an adventure.


Your Pretty Baby Kissing,



Update: just a quick note

Well, October has been lovely. I can’t believe it’s almost over. For the first time in several years I only went to the Revel once during the festival and then only for four hours.  My 33 week pregnant self couldn’t waddle much longer than that. I am now at 35 weeks and it’s limiting. I have achieved difficulty in mobility at this point. Before October I was fine. I felt big, but then, that’s a no-brainer. Of course I’m big. I’m in my third trimester! But now life is harder. Hormones rage, sleep is uncomfortable and rarely achieved, feet are swollen.  One feels like a water balloon. One day I will explode and hopefully it won’t be in a place too difficult to clean. Next week I could give birth and Lady A would survive, uncomfortably, maybe, but she’d be here. I am so ready to hold my little girl outside of my innards.

I am now a Louisiana State Florist!  I am thrilled to have passed the floral exam, not having taken a class and knowing what to study for.  My cousin helped so much. She’s such a blessing to me. Speaking of blessings…

My best friend has been Auntie Sister for nearly two months now… Her letters show how happy she is. She sounds busy and dedicated and so very content. Her letters are full of enthusiasm and joy.  By no means does she sound unchallenged and bored, the way her phone calls to me used to sound. Her “voice” is now cheerful, inquisitive, and bright. She is my little prayer warrior dedicated to her work. I love and miss her deeply, it’s been hard to adjust to not being able to pick up the phone and chat about “Once Upon a Time” or the latest development in my growing inmate. I write her long letters and tell her all that I can, and in return she tells me she loves hearing about Lady A’s latest whatever, my family’s exploits, and everything I’ve been up to. Her last letter to me was enormous! I was delighted. Her picture is on their website and she’s the first one! Her smile and the smiles of the other postulants are so very infectious.

Handsome and I have been getting ready for Christmas… hey, it’s smart when you know a future shopping inhibition is going to pop out at any moment. We started buying Christmas in July. HAHA!

I hope you all in the internets are having a marvelous holiday season. Halloween is coming soon!

Your expecting,


It’s always fun around here.

So lately life has been interesting. I’m in a sort of limbo right now. We had to rip out our shower because it was leaking. And that wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughs. We have had people of all walks of life come in to fix the shower, one way or the other.

Fairy Godmother was a big help, as usual, and made life a bit less terrible. All we lack now is a shower door. After that, we move back into our bathroom. After a thorough cleaning, of course.

Sometime next week my best friend comes in town to say goodbye. She’s going to a convent in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I’m so happy that she’s found her calling. A part of me is sad, because the chances I’ll get to see her will be MUCH fewer. Especially with Lady A. One can hope that she’ll be a fantastic traveling baby, and one day I could take her up to see my dearest friend, but we shall see. I know that my pal will be in a good place. When describing this particular convent to me, she compared it to another she experienced.

“Remember how I told you how quietly joyful those other sisters were?”

“Yeah, these aren’t?”

“At this one? They laugh! Their joy over flows! And I haven’t been hugged so much in my life! I feel loved and useful and I’ll get to learn…”

“Sounds like A***** Heaven.”

“It really is!”

I am thrilled for her. It will be a challenge for me to learn to write. Writing letters is a fun way to keep in touch, but not as instant as this here internets. And folks, everyone can write her as much as they want. That’s a very charming picture in my heart. I’ll be able to teach my little Lady the art of writing letters to her Auntie Sister.  Auntie Sister will have to send me a picture of her in a habit so that I can teach Lady A about her. I’ll have the old pictures of us in my wedding, and my little girl will have access to them when she’s older. I am glad to know a Sister of the Habit. She’ll be my first close friend entering religious life and I love that it’s her.  It fits her like a glove. The devotion, the sisterhood, the teaching, the learning; it’s all a close reflection of my dear friend. In my heart, I can see her there, loving her family and friends through prayer from afar.  She’s dedicating her life to a very great vocation.

In other news, two of my friends have had little boys this week! Seeing the little faces makes me nervous-excited-happy. My friend Peanutt is going home today! Her little boy is so cute and I can’t wait to help her as much as she needs. Even if it’s to hold a screaming baby boy so that she can take a shower in peace. I understand that she’ll need it. And since I’m not far from her, I can visit anytime she needs me. I will be a text away. I’ll need the practice anyhow. I’ll have my own little one in short time.

If only I could get over this chest cold funk- I could go see my Grandma in the hospital and other friend with her baby son!

I hope all is well in your world. Any news to share?

Your Pretty Drowsy-from-cough-meds,