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Just Call me a Chicken…

Sooo… yeah there was this wedding thing that was crazy and awesome and fabulous and all… It was so eventful that it’s a terribly intimidating post. I’ve been intimidated. My own wedding was my bully. Blog wise.

The rehearsal was wonderful and fun. After the rehearsal our dear group of friends came over to our future abode. Friends that have been constant as the sunrise. They made all of my butterflies fly away… temporarily anyways. When Manda brought in her wedding present to us, the others asked if they could get/ bring in theirs. We said sure! So then we had an impromptu wedding shower, only without cake. (Unless you count the rehearsal dinner dessert of cheeeeeesecake! yum-Bernie) We visited until Genius looked down at his watch and wished us a happy wedding day. We all laughed. Then when everyone had left, Handsome and I exchanged our gifts to each other.

I opened this beautiful box and inside were two things, another package and a small scrapbook. It was a mini history of us. He Made it!  Handsome had used up his creative quota on the most beautiful book for me. I loooooove it! The last page was left blank for a picture of us on our wedding day. I was so happy and impressed with my dear future-Husband-face. The smaller package was a necklace from Jared’s. It’s very pretty and something to cherish.

I got him cuff links from the fabulous company, Celtic Promise. The cuff links matched his ring. I also gave him a blog I had started while we were only dating, but by then, I knew. Handsome was THE ONE. It’s a private one and all his. I knew he would like it, especially since it’s something he can access whenever he want.

It’s funny isn’t it, that both us gave the other two presents. One, a dialogue of beautiful memories; the other, something decorative and symbolic of our special day.

The wedding day? Insane amounts of fun.

We began the festivities with a Bridal Luncheon hosted by none other than the FAIRY GODMOTHER!!! She is the best anyone could ever ask for.  The bridal luncheon was at Chianti’s and it was FABULOUS. The flowers were gorgeous, the food was delicious, the wine was perfect. I settled my stage jitters with my out of town guests and family and dear friends.   Having this lunch was wonderful. I got a chance to see and visit with people who took the trouble of traveling hundreds of miles so see me get married. My wonderful FG made a beautiful toast that made everyone tear up joyfully.  My aunt and godmother is a wonderful woman y’all.

I attempted to eat the entree'(who on Earth can eat properly on their wedding day??), and almost left before they wheeled out the dessert cart… and then everyone laughed as I backed up the bus and plopped myself back into the chair… CHOCOLATE MOUSSE cake! Perfect for the nervous princess and the only thing that sustained me throughout the wedding. I got my hair done at the Renaissance Salon in Bossier City where the ladies there do a fantastic job and Tessa worked her magic on most of my ladies and my adorable fairy princess godchild.

We arrived at the Church and I was cooped into my bridal room until it was time. We got me dressed and received our flowers from our Flower Lady Cousin. We marveled at how adorable Miss Flower Princess was. The Baby provided relaxing and celebrational music.

After I was dressed, the girls were dressed, the guys had arrived, the Trolley was waiting, guests were all there, and everyone was lined up by the Wedding Gurus… we all realized one thing was missing- The Minister!!!!!

Well… everyone but me anyways. They had taken my stuff away, including my appendage known as my cellphone… and I was alone for twenty minutes before they informed me. I was surprisingly not freaking out. I was only worried about the dude. What could have happened? (Handsome was freaking out for both of us) My dad went out and made a short announcement that we were all here and merely waiting on the minister…

Guests enjoyed the music played by Shreveport Symphony members… who came and left… still no minister.

He finally came an hour late. By then I was really ready to walk down that aisle. Everything was set back- late by an hour.  .. but let’s focus on the awesome parts…

I married the love of my life!

Handsome was awesome. He made my gals swoon…

My girls looked AMAZING. I mean, look at them. All single. And on March 16th all legal. wink wink.

The cuteness squad ruled.

Daddy marveled at the beauty of his daughters,

The wedding party was great! Look at us! Ah-MAYZIIIING!

After our quickie photo shoot we jumped into the Trolley and got ourselves to the Petroleum Club, where we started the dancing.

Smug bride face.

Such a happy couple. side note- I’m wearing my Flower Princess’ charm bracelet- I have started for her. She’ll get it when she receives her First Holy Communion… but she can wear it to fancy things while I’m around- like to my wedding. She was falling asleep on the Trolley so we put it on me for safe keeping.

The cake was gorgeous! Alyson at A Piece of Cake was awesome!

The grooms cake was a chocolate xbox 360- It totally suited the groom. See the figurines? The soccer player groom and shopper bride toppers were too cute, but too informal for my cake, so I had them set on the groom’s table. Handsome likes them quite a bit. He saw them in a magazine, and loved the soccer player.

After cake, and during cake, and throughout the reception people danced to the rhythms of Windstorm Show Band of Shreveport. The Windstorm was AWWWEsome! Another bout of awesomeness brought to me by the amazing Fairy Godmother.

Another favorite of the guests was the photobooth-

My girls ham it up!

Mom and her teacher gang- Kindergarten and the principal.

She made this awesome scrapbook for the wedding and they had an attendant who helped our guests stick a copy of their strip onto a page for us, while they got the other.

Phelps Photo booth- they were an extra last minute add-on, but they were fabulous! Contact Roy at He’s reasonable and great to work with!

Fairy Godmother and I loved on the Handsome. Because he was just too… well… Handsome!

My beautiful cousin caught my bouquet, which accidentally was one of my bridesmaid bouquets… whoops! Sorry girls! I couldn’t find the toss bouquet! If I had tossed the actual one, someone would have gotten hurt for sure. That thing was HEAVY. But gorgeous. After that we took several pictures of Handsome and me.

I couldn’t stop kissing him. After being showered with bubbles, we jumped into my car(It’s the bigger of the two vehicles and I had to fit. I was huge in that dress!).

The next morning we were sleep deprived and drunk from exhaustion- not alcohol… but I’ll tell the Honey moon story some other time.

And it all couldn’t have happened without my Fairy Godmother. She’s amazing, folks. She has thoroughly spoiled me. I love her more than I can tell you and she is wonderful. I can only hope to be as elegant and generous as she is one day.

Thank you so much, dearest Lady,

Your Pretty Princess

Photos by Jena Leigh Photography

All of my vendors did not give me anything for endorsing them, but they were amazing. Thanks be to all of them.

Now… on to Christmas! Handsome and I are ready!


Busy Bride to Beeeeee!!!!… and a lesson on tact.

My Name is Stephanie and I have aweddingineightdaysandImgoinginsane-itis.  It’s a sickness. Only it’s symptoms can be treated.  Example?

Mental Restlessness-Patient should be given the Internets.  The crazy amount of information to be found on Wikipedia may or may not relax the individual. (Mad Queen Maria of Portugal anyone?)

Physical Restlessness– Send the girl to the gym for a Zumba class, failing that, make her do the Zumba Party game on Wii or xbox until worn slap out

Odd cough that doesn’t seem to come from sinus issue? Diagnosis: Acid Reflux in the Larnyx– treat with Zantac 2x-150mg

Crazy Appetite– Screw traditional eating times. Give her a cookie every now and then… seems to be only food that can go down without causing nausea or gas. Make sure the cookie is nutritious.

Desire to sit upside down in a chair?– got nothin. Just watch and clap I guess. (side note- I actually did this, see? It’s not comfortable… One needs the seat of the chair to extend for the position not to hurt the neck.)

I’m totally nervous. and going bonkers.  At least occasionally I have fun. I’m not worried about who I’m marrying, Handsome is wooooonderful. I’m just worried about all the DIY details we have in the works here. On the bright side, we have a bunch of cute things involved in this flying umbrella.  We we we so excited. (It’s Friday, Caterpillar, so nyah ;^)…)

Ok. Next topic. So I could be totally over sensitive right now, but I think people, particularly those of a certain age need to learn tact in a certain arena.

When approaching a couple who is about to get married, or who are newly wed:

PLEASE don’t ask them when they are thinking about having children. Don’t bother. It’s Nunya. As in None ya business.

Wonder to yourself. Write a blog, in a journal, talk to SOMEONE not that person. KEEP YOUR ANNOYING QUESTIONS TO YOURSELF.

Realize that it’s NONE, absolutely NONE, of your concern. And it doesn’t matter how close you think that you are to the couple, or even one of the members of said couple. YOU AREN”T WELCOME IN THEIR MARRIAGE BED. Get out before he/she rips you a new one or starts crying hysterically.(What if there’s a fertility issue, freak?)

Don’t get overly involved in someone ELSE’s uterus. You are asking a couple of people very serious personal questions. They only need to consult with each other to achieve an answer of timing and trying. You aren’t going to influence anyone over their choice.

In short…Show some courtesy and talk about other things. Food, holidays, the honeymoon location, shoot, the WEDDING (honestly, most brides and grooms barely remember that wild whirlwind of a night. Your take on their event would be fun to know.)

Oh and if you disagree with their choice, IT’S NOT YOUR CHOICE. Get over their decision.

My future spouse and I have some dear friends who are a lovely young couple. They’ve been married for two years. And they are wonderful together, they have had these two years of growth as a couple and as individuals. They are an awesome example of young marriage. People constantly nag the pair about giving birth. Birth guys. It’s hard, beautiful, lovely and terrifying. BIRTH. Making a PERSON to be raised. Babies DO NOT add a stress-free atmosphere to a family. They ADD stress to it. They are wonderful additions to a beautiful family, don’t get me wrong. I love the families that roll into church with their mini tribes. I love their human expressions of love. Babies are wooooonderful.  But they are a lot of hard work. To be a good parent, one must step up.  Leave my friends alone with your uneducated opinions. Take them to a journal or a blog.

Bite your tongue.

Your pretty opinionated,


ANOTHER one of THOSE weeks…

The world of Stephanie, Pretty, Pretty Princess of Shreveport has been pretty busy.  There are a multitude of things going on at any given point. The candy shower was awesome, though there were so many things going on that weekend. I believe that my family is still recovering. The Baby had a marvelous Homecoming, The Cousin had a marvelous wedding and I had a Marvelous Shower.   Truly Marvelous. The Insane-in-the-membrane part of these marvels is that they occurred on the SAME day. I’m impressed that my head didn’t just whirl right off my shoulders.

We missed a lot of the Baby’s stuff, she has some adorable pictures of her and her GIGANTIC mum (Daddy was acting paparazzo). It is one of the senior mums, and whoo-ee! Her best friend and escort got it big.  It was beautiful, and loud. There was an entire bag of bells tied all up in it. Her shoes were mondo-cute, her dress was cute, her hair was done-up beautifully. I love events like those. Excuses to get all dressed up.  What princess wouldn’t?

Did anything go wrong with such a fabulous day, you ask? Other than wearing the wrong shoes to the Dixie Gin, you mean? I wouldn’t call it wrong. But I did forget my hostess gift. Dear Mrs. K didn’t even think a thing of my forgetfulness. I was so nervous something was going to go wrong and that no one would be there. Naturally, when I have one of these slip ups, the world goes askew. Must be something in the cosmos.

Sunday was a whirl of making cute things and writing thank you notes! Once again I praise my Fairy Godmother for insisting that we write thank you notes for every gift we receive. It made us assuredly polite. She has us so well trained in manners! It is so very easy to express gratitude and wishes of well being. Once must simply write down one’s appreciation for the gift and how much the person giving the gift means to you. It’s a very good habit. Thank you, FG!

Here come’s the askew nature of the world. It couldn’t have just been forgotten. No. I accidentally delivered the gift to the wrong house! At lunch on Monday, I ran errands with Handsome in tow. Poor Handsome. He was whipped around everywhere in this part of Shreveport. He must have been terribly lost once we had gone to Taco Bell, the bank, the post office, and then finally “Mrs. K’s” house. We went back to our respective offices. Later, on my way home I called FG letting her know I had delivered the gift to ###”Wrong” Avenue! Oh dear! I quickly got into a turning lane to rush to “Wrong House” and recover the present for my dear hostess. Only to discover that my present was brought inside by the young dude living at ### Wrong Avenue. About five years older than me, and he looked pretty nice.

I thanked him and we awkwardly laughed over him definitely not being “Mrs. K” on my note. So I left and rushed to the correct house ### Right Avenue. See the streets have the same numbering and the two streets have the same first initial. Anyone could have done it. But of course I had to.  FG heard from Mrs. K (and I hope she’s well, she had heart surgery the next day), she got my note and gift. Great! Whew.

Tuesday night Rachody and I finished the scandalous shower’s invitations. They are so cute, if I do say so myself. 😉

We had simply piled all of our gifts in the living room on Saturday at the Cottage (I’m Excessively fond of a Cottage). Wednesday night we cleared space for our new dishes and things. It was a blast! Just like a couple of kids at Christmas. We set up his beloved bread maker and I cooed over my beautiful new dishes once more and put them in their special place in the cabinets. I love the new stuff. Especially the Mrs. K present! I received a Mariposa Clematis platter. Gorgeous. All of my new things are lovely. From the practical, useful items, to the ornate pewter serving ware.

I am such a very pampered princess.

Last night we groggily watched some DBZ and I coughed and coughed, so Handsome rubbed Vicks Vaporub on my upper chest/throat… Instant but not lasting relief. Whew! That stuff stinks! Allergies-or-cold-or-whatever-this-is-es? Suck.

Your coughing



I think I’m doomed to having horrible running experiences with Mr. Handsome. That’s right folks, I went running again. This time I was wearing heels. And it was on concrete. Was there a mugger, you ask? Was there a gun and/or knives involved? Of course not. There was a bee. A big, fat bumble bee that at first seemed to be swarming Handsome. When he sped up a little, the BEE stuck with ME! He kept dancing around me, never touching me, but it seemed to be sort of flirting with the idea of landing on me. I squeaked, ran a little bit in my silver stilletos, when it continued to swarm, I ducked and yelled “I am NOT a FLOWER!!!!” I then dashed into the church, not so closely followed by Handsome who didn’t have to run in the 100 degree heat.

It’s not like there wasn’t people around. Several people in the parish of Mary, Queen of Peace now think I’m raving mad. Unless they already know me, in which case they know it’s just another day in paradise. “Up! There’s our former youth minister! What’s she doing? Oh, well. Looks crazy as usual.”  This is what I get I guess for bathing with Crabtree and Evelyn‘s soap. When they say it’s from all natural ingredients, they are NOT kidding. And with natural beeswax too! I must have smelled like a English countryside Bee-brothel.  And that dude was all about him some Steph. It also didn’t help that I was wearing a brightly colored shirt.  Yeah…

How was I to know that insects wouldn’t be sensible and trying to hibernate in the air conditioning?

Princesses don’t do bugs. Anywho…

I’ve been working on my scrapbooks with the Scrapbook Queen. I’m almost finished with the current book and only have one and a half pages left. On to the next event! Which is my Engagement Party and starting the shower guest book pages. I have a lot to do with those. We saved so much from the awesome family gathering! It was a glorious celebration. I remember most of it.  Handsome remembers all of it.  I gotta say, that party was phenomenal! I’m still recovering from it (just kidding- sort of)! See what with all the sugar I consumed, (my body enjoyed that quite a bit, by the way) I/Bernie really wanted to keep on consuming the sugar!!!!

Bernie was happy for a month, at least.

Back to scrapbooking.

In my house, Scrapbooking is essential.  We record our events and activities with flourishes and flair. We use the paper and pens that help preserve these memories. The pens are archival tools equivalent to those used by congress. My mother has been a scrapbooking consultant for nearly fifteen years.  I was raised making my own books. I went through some phases. I still do. In my middle school years I went through what I call “the sticker phase”.  And In high school I started to evolve into what I do now. I am now in the “paper fetish phase”. I love Paper. I love making little things that correlate with my page- out of paper. It’s fun and cute! Shoot, I’m not picky about sticking to my own books. Need a Roman helmet? A margarita for the Bachelorette Party Pages?  I’ll do them. Especially if I’m in an idea lull for my own current page project.

I can’t wait until I have several of these books done and on my shelves! These books are fantastic looking. The end results are very rewarding. They are not merely a chore equivalent to housework.  They are chronicles of our lives that future generations can gaze upon and marvel. You had better bet that when Handsome and I go with the family on the Croooze, the scrapbook for that event will be made. It will be a source of pride so show my children and grandchildren.  “That’s right kids,” I’ll say, “Your gramps and I went to Europe and saw naked beaches… We went to the Vatican, we saw some crazy gypsy people mug tourists…”

Those whipper-snappers may be shocked, they may be amazed. Who knows? I know that they will have the picture books to prove that we did go on these lovely adventures.  They’ll have my handwriting telling them the stories in the pictures, naming the people I connect with, the places I’ve seen.  They’ll see my handwriting and when I’m gone, their throats will fill with unshed tears.  I know this. because I’ve seen my own grandmother’s handwriting in a scrapbook. She’s been with the Lord for thirteen years this November.  When I see her handwriting, (that I formerly thought was horrible) I remember making the scrapbooks with her. I remember her telling me stories of the evil cow that chased onto a dung heap and her brother had to rescue her. I remember laughing and playing skip bo(We were laughing the most when we were loosing).

I wonder what Maw Maw thinks of Handsome. I miss her a lot sometimes.

I sure did give her and Paw Paw a laugh yesterday.  That Bee must have had the spirit of the evil cow, Maybelle.

Your Pretty Thoughtful


I hate the beginning of a diet…

I’m trying… Really I am…

It’s just that I enjoy my food. I love food. I love different kinds and different cultures’. This is another trait that is to my mother’s credit. She trained me to try things and I am not a picky person because of it, my sisters and I continually introduce all sorts of things to our parents.  We introduced them to Vietnamese (Dahn’s Garden in Shreveport rocks our world), Sushi (that didn’t take, but they like the hibachi), and Thai (Chow Tyme in North Bossier has left us. This makes my heart sob. Will I ever get papaya salad again?) We love trying and eating and when we go to a new place, it’s always an intriguing adventure. We plan our family vacations around where we want to eat. This is why Giordano’s Pizza’s number in Kissimmee, FL is still in my phone, as well as Margaritaville- Universal Studios. Our family makes an annual pilgrimage to Orlando, Florida.  This is due to my parents being swindled into buying a timeshare.  Folks, time shares have to be maintained… DON’T do IT!!!!! It’s like a  car- that you sink money into and never get rid of. You have good times with it, but sometimes it tends to be a burden. Back to Food. Such a hardship.

I love the art and the colors of it. Food in my life is for celebration, for comfort, for sharing. That’s how I was raised. Growing up, we ate at the dinner table as often as we could. We laughed, cried, discussed, and everything around that dinner table. We learned with each other, we did homework, we worked on life’s struggles, all around the table.

Learning to control portions is something we have to strive for.  Living in Louisiana where the food is steeped in our lives every day, well, it’s hard to control my inner Hobbit. I would like a second breakfast. I would enjoy eating all day, all the time.  But it’s not healthy and it’s even a sin. Gluttony. Lord have mercy on our country. Now I don’t agree with the extremists that would like to remove children from homes that have made obesity a fact of life, that’s a bit harsh. I do think that there should be a special training and awareness interventions, of children, of parents. There are so many eating disorders in this country, it saddens me.

According to a handbook I read once, I HAVE AN EATING disorder. 😡   !!!!!! Because I track what I eat. Hmmmm. I don’t think The-Powers-That-Be-That-Made-This- Up really understand. See, if I don’t track what I eat, I WILL over-eat. I will eat myself into a blind stupor. (The Baby and Rachody notice that this happens when I get “crazy eyes”. I have yet to see this and therefore have no proof that this phenomenon actually happens.) Which should only be done on rare occasions like Thanksgiving, and Birthday meals. Everyday? Certainly not. So I subscribe to Weight Watchers. They teach people how to live correctly. There are moments of indulgence, and there are exercise earning  options. I have the freedom to choose WHAT I want, but I have to track it. There are rules and exceptions to all people of all sizes and ages. There are exceptions to those with child, those who are nursing, those who have health conditions. It is a WONDERFUL system. And it Works. In 2002 my family joined and a year later, we had lost a total of 160 pounds!!!! Five people lost a person! And we can do it again.

****side not: I am not affiliated with Weight Watchers, I merely enjoy and have merited from this system/lifestyle change****

We ARE going to do it again. We are going to lose weight and be healthy.

I spend a whole lot of time with Mr. Handsome. Where does he fit in this story? Well he helps me by encouraging exercise and portion control. He naturally portion controls. He was raised to eat when hungry and the right amount. He eats to live.  And he does it well. He doesn’t understand this fat-kid part of me and I don’t understand how he can do it. I would love to be like Handsome and stop eating cookies, to select just the right amount of cheeto puffs and close the bag… but this, sadly, is beyond me.


Unfortunately my Bernie complains when he is undergoing shrinkage to a normal belly size. It’s quite loud and unsettling. Fruit does not tame this beast. (Fruit, with it’s juicy sweetenss and natural-ness is zero points now and is a great big help on this new WW plan.)  So I get to enjoy the beginnings of a diet with a cantankerous cavern of a stomach. Next week will be so much better!(Hopefully)

Good thing I have exercise on my side.  I have gotten into the habit of exercising. I nearly enjoy it, I least enjoy the effects of exercise. I feel better. My mood changes for the better and I feel like I’m in working condition. I love ZUMBA!!!! My Zumba Chick rocks my socks off! You know, if I was wearing any, that is. It’s fun, energetic, and when you make friends and exercise with a group, it’s more fun. I am so excited that ZC is teaching another class on Thursdays soon. Yay!!! For more ZC in mah life! Love her!

I hope the cupcakes have sprinkles. What? I’m counting it!

Your pretty healthy,