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The ever busy home with five humans and a canine overlord

ANOTHER one of THOSE weeks…

The world of Stephanie, Pretty, Pretty Princess of Shreveport has been pretty busy.  There are a multitude of things going on at any given point. The candy shower was awesome, though there were so many things going on that weekend. I believe that my family is still recovering. The Baby had a marvelous Homecoming, The Cousin had a marvelous wedding and I had a Marvelous Shower.   Truly Marvelous. The Insane-in-the-membrane part of these marvels is that they occurred on the SAME day. I’m impressed that my head didn’t just whirl right off my shoulders.

We missed a lot of the Baby’s stuff, she has some adorable pictures of her and her GIGANTIC mum (Daddy was acting paparazzo). It is one of the senior mums, and whoo-ee! Her best friend and escort got it big.  It was beautiful, and loud. There was an entire bag of bells tied all up in it. Her shoes were mondo-cute, her dress was cute, her hair was done-up beautifully. I love events like those. Excuses to get all dressed up.  What princess wouldn’t?

Did anything go wrong with such a fabulous day, you ask? Other than wearing the wrong shoes to the Dixie Gin, you mean? I wouldn’t call it wrong. But I did forget my hostess gift. Dear Mrs. K didn’t even think a thing of my forgetfulness. I was so nervous something was going to go wrong and that no one would be there. Naturally, when I have one of these slip ups, the world goes askew. Must be something in the cosmos.

Sunday was a whirl of making cute things and writing thank you notes! Once again I praise my Fairy Godmother for insisting that we write thank you notes for every gift we receive. It made us assuredly polite. She has us so well trained in manners! It is so very easy to express gratitude and wishes of well being. Once must simply write down one’s appreciation for the gift and how much the person giving the gift means to you. It’s a very good habit. Thank you, FG!

Here come’s the askew nature of the world. It couldn’t have just been forgotten. No. I accidentally delivered the gift to the wrong house! At lunch on Monday, I ran errands with Handsome in tow. Poor Handsome. He was whipped around everywhere in this part of Shreveport. He must have been terribly lost once we had gone to Taco Bell, the bank, the post office, and then finally “Mrs. K’s” house. We went back to our respective offices. Later, on my way home I called FG letting her know I had delivered the gift to ###”Wrong” Avenue! Oh dear! I quickly got into a turning lane to rush to “Wrong House” and recover the present for my dear hostess. Only to discover that my present was brought inside by the young dude living at ### Wrong Avenue. About five years older than me, and he looked pretty nice.

I thanked him and we awkwardly laughed over him definitely not being “Mrs. K” on my note. So I left and rushed to the correct house ### Right Avenue. See the streets have the same numbering and the two streets have the same first initial. Anyone could have done it. But of course I had to.  FG heard from Mrs. K (and I hope she’s well, she had heart surgery the next day), she got my note and gift. Great! Whew.

Tuesday night Rachody and I finished the scandalous shower’s invitations. They are so cute, if I do say so myself. 😉

We had simply piled all of our gifts in the living room on Saturday at the Cottage (I’m Excessively fond of a Cottage). Wednesday night we cleared space for our new dishes and things. It was a blast! Just like a couple of kids at Christmas. We set up his beloved bread maker and I cooed over my beautiful new dishes once more and put them in their special place in the cabinets. I love the new stuff. Especially the Mrs. K present! I received a Mariposa Clematis platter. Gorgeous. All of my new things are lovely. From the practical, useful items, to the ornate pewter serving ware.

I am such a very pampered princess.

Last night we groggily watched some DBZ and I coughed and coughed, so Handsome rubbed Vicks Vaporub on my upper chest/throat… Instant but not lasting relief. Whew! That stuff stinks! Allergies-or-cold-or-whatever-this-is-es? Suck.

Your coughing



T- minus two months and counting!!!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted!  The fairy tale princess wedding is quickly approaching. This means showers and more frantic planning and handling details, details, DETAILS!!!! Poor Handsome can only sit idly by and watch as the bride gets a million things to do.  I have to decide Candy Bar details very soon.  I want to make a cute label for our candy bags. Hopefully soon I will fine the time to sit and make it. I mentioned to my friend, The Caterpillar Guru that I had wanted to make a sweet logo for my blog… well I finished his header and have yet to start on mine. Several ideas are ready to rock, but I haven’t the time to diddle and piddle with my lovely blog. ***le sigh*** On to other news?

We met with the Father and we are nearly completely ready to rock and roll with the programs… we only have to decide on the music and the sentimental message… and so they aren’t really complete at all. But I know what I want them to look like! That’s a start!

I hope they will be nice.

This wedding is so full of details and I hope that everything gets done on time and gets completed with class and style. I wonder if I’ll even remember half of the wedding day.  All this crazy stuff is happening for one joyous occasion, and it will all be over in a flash of time. I feel like I’ve been engaged for years, though it has only been six months. I know I have some gray hair to be attributed to this whirlwind thunderstorm of a wedding.

I’m sure the wedding will be lovely.

Will I ever cease to be nervous about everything?  It’s going to be so big, there are so many steps to accomplish.  I have fittings and showers and thank you notes and remembering to order the candy on time, with the right weather. I have church ladies, photographers, hair dressers, cantors, and MORE to contact. Handsome can only do so much, since he’s the Groom and all.  I think Grooms get out too easy. Except they get to have a hold a human wad of crazy for the rest of their lives.  The vows themselves are warning label.

In sickness and in health … (Cracker! You gotta take CARE of yo woman/man!!! No matter what kinda of ailment they be sufferin’!) For richer or for poorer (Be careful what moneys they like to be spending…) In good times or in bad ( You know stuff is gonna go down that will be hard. And no matter what, you gotta do your best when s*** goes down) Til death do you part…(MMMHMMMM! That’s right. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings!)

Everything in parentheses should be spoken with Octavia Spencer as Minny’s voice.


The Help was such an awesome movie/book. I loved the movie so much, I bought the audiobook. I laughed and I cried. That was the best story ever and they did a fairly nice job on the movie. Glad I saw it first though. There was plenty that had been left out.  My Fairy godmother caught a big movie blooper. Did you?

I hope that everything will turn out well, this should be a great, big party. I hope nothing goes up on smoke.

Please pray for those people who have lost lives and home in East Texas. They have it far worse than I.

Your pretty busy,



I think I’m doomed to having horrible running experiences with Mr. Handsome. That’s right folks, I went running again. This time I was wearing heels. And it was on concrete. Was there a mugger, you ask? Was there a gun and/or knives involved? Of course not. There was a bee. A big, fat bumble bee that at first seemed to be swarming Handsome. When he sped up a little, the BEE stuck with ME! He kept dancing around me, never touching me, but it seemed to be sort of flirting with the idea of landing on me. I squeaked, ran a little bit in my silver stilletos, when it continued to swarm, I ducked and yelled “I am NOT a FLOWER!!!!” I then dashed into the church, not so closely followed by Handsome who didn’t have to run in the 100 degree heat.

It’s not like there wasn’t people around. Several people in the parish of Mary, Queen of Peace now think I’m raving mad. Unless they already know me, in which case they know it’s just another day in paradise. “Up! There’s our former youth minister! What’s she doing? Oh, well. Looks crazy as usual.”  This is what I get I guess for bathing with Crabtree and Evelyn‘s soap. When they say it’s from all natural ingredients, they are NOT kidding. And with natural beeswax too! I must have smelled like a English countryside Bee-brothel.  And that dude was all about him some Steph. It also didn’t help that I was wearing a brightly colored shirt.  Yeah…

How was I to know that insects wouldn’t be sensible and trying to hibernate in the air conditioning?

Princesses don’t do bugs. Anywho…

I’ve been working on my scrapbooks with the Scrapbook Queen. I’m almost finished with the current book and only have one and a half pages left. On to the next event! Which is my Engagement Party and starting the shower guest book pages. I have a lot to do with those. We saved so much from the awesome family gathering! It was a glorious celebration. I remember most of it.  Handsome remembers all of it.  I gotta say, that party was phenomenal! I’m still recovering from it (just kidding- sort of)! See what with all the sugar I consumed, (my body enjoyed that quite a bit, by the way) I/Bernie really wanted to keep on consuming the sugar!!!!

Bernie was happy for a month, at least.

Back to scrapbooking.

In my house, Scrapbooking is essential.  We record our events and activities with flourishes and flair. We use the paper and pens that help preserve these memories. The pens are archival tools equivalent to those used by congress. My mother has been a scrapbooking consultant for nearly fifteen years.  I was raised making my own books. I went through some phases. I still do. In my middle school years I went through what I call “the sticker phase”.  And In high school I started to evolve into what I do now. I am now in the “paper fetish phase”. I love Paper. I love making little things that correlate with my page- out of paper. It’s fun and cute! Shoot, I’m not picky about sticking to my own books. Need a Roman helmet? A margarita for the Bachelorette Party Pages?  I’ll do them. Especially if I’m in an idea lull for my own current page project.

I can’t wait until I have several of these books done and on my shelves! These books are fantastic looking. The end results are very rewarding. They are not merely a chore equivalent to housework.  They are chronicles of our lives that future generations can gaze upon and marvel. You had better bet that when Handsome and I go with the family on the Croooze, the scrapbook for that event will be made. It will be a source of pride so show my children and grandchildren.  “That’s right kids,” I’ll say, “Your gramps and I went to Europe and saw naked beaches… We went to the Vatican, we saw some crazy gypsy people mug tourists…”

Those whipper-snappers may be shocked, they may be amazed. Who knows? I know that they will have the picture books to prove that we did go on these lovely adventures.  They’ll have my handwriting telling them the stories in the pictures, naming the people I connect with, the places I’ve seen.  They’ll see my handwriting and when I’m gone, their throats will fill with unshed tears.  I know this. because I’ve seen my own grandmother’s handwriting in a scrapbook. She’s been with the Lord for thirteen years this November.  When I see her handwriting, (that I formerly thought was horrible) I remember making the scrapbooks with her. I remember her telling me stories of the evil cow that chased onto a dung heap and her brother had to rescue her. I remember laughing and playing skip bo(We were laughing the most when we were loosing).

I wonder what Maw Maw thinks of Handsome. I miss her a lot sometimes.

I sure did give her and Paw Paw a laugh yesterday.  That Bee must have had the spirit of the evil cow, Maybelle.

Your Pretty Thoughtful


And so it begins…

Hi! My name is…. Stephanie and I’m a pretty princess. I’m a princess living in Shreveport, Louisiana. I have a wonderful fiancee whom I shall refer to as “Handsome” ’cause that’s what I call him… and it suits him! Of course I’m not an actual princess, my bloodlines have more flavors than Dr. Pepper. I do, however, get myself into mischief(often due to clumsiness), have an obsession with shiny things(hello!!!! I’m a girl!), have a fairy godmother (for real. all she needs is the wand and magical powers to complete the whole image) and I will be marrying a handsome prince of a man who spoils me rotten. I have an over-fondness for Disney and all things princess. I can sing nearly all of the songs and if you speak in Disney quotes, I will more than likely laugh and respond in kind. My current picture is of me trying on tiaras at Downtown Disney’s shop. It suites me, even though my hair is a mess in the picture… Hey, I didn’t say I was a perfect princess, just a pretty one.

My latest adventure is getting married and surviving the crazy business of it all.  I have two younger sisters, The Maid of Honor (Aka Rachody) who is the best at all things organizing and at calming me down when flames start to flicker and I turn in to a pretty-darned-scary-princess-from-hell. AKA Bridezilla. I have already embraced the fact that these moments will happen and I feel hugely sorry for my friends, family and fiancee when some tiny detail upsets me and I blow my tiara. I digress. The other sister is The Baby. She’s the youngest of us, the tallest of us, and the biggest smart- @ss of us. She’s spunky in a big way and many of our family jokes/ quotes are either from her or my fairly adorable Daddy.

My parents recently celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary. Daddy is the affable sort with a penchant for guitar playing while the TV is on. Mama is a ready-to-retire-Kindergarten-teacher and a Scrapbooking consultant for Creative memories.. She shall be from here on known as the Scrapbook Queen. Our most important(in her eyes anyway) member of our family is The Pepper.

Pepper Ann is the Rachody’s dog-human-no-dog-no-wait-cat?- no DOG. She’s a mini schnauzer with adorable sticky-outey ears, a devious mind, a delicate stomach, delicate skin, and a personality that would make Eleanor of Aquitaine proud. She’s the benevolent dictator in our house. She has us very well trained and is at least as smart as a precocious three year old. She only has yet to verbalize. But as communication is merely 15% verbage and 85% body language, she gets her point across rather well for a ten pound canine.

We have a very busy, naturally loud, home in south Bossier. Handsome’s house in comparison is very quiet. Not too quiet, but calm. It’s my favorite place to chill after all the craziness of the day. I’m a zany, busy individual and I would pack my day with three activities at one time if was up to me. He keeps me from going too crazy, which is a huge relief to the Rachody.

Our Wedding is in 101 days! I’m going to marry His Handsomeness and we are going to live in a lovely cottage… (I’m excessively fond of a cottage) ok, it’s a three bedroom house in the ‘burbs, but it’s still cute. We’re currently in the process of setting it up. I am so excited to be marrying this man! Even though he has an over fondness for lawn gnomes, and I have urges to put something on every wall, we are going to have a very fun, happy life.

Anywho, enough with introductions.

That’s me!

Pretty Steph