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Our cottage, my honeymooner- newlywed home.

It’s always fun around here.

So lately life has been interesting. I’m in a sort of limbo right now. We had to rip out our shower because it was leaking. And that wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughs. We have had people of all walks of life come in to fix the shower, one way or the other.

Fairy Godmother was a big help, as usual, and made life a bit less terrible. All we lack now is a shower door. After that, we move back into our bathroom. After a thorough cleaning, of course.

Sometime next week my best friend comes in town to say goodbye. She’s going to a convent in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I’m so happy that she’s found her calling. A part of me is sad, because the chances I’ll get to see her will be MUCH fewer. Especially with Lady A. One can hope that she’ll be a fantastic traveling baby, and one day I could take her up to see my dearest friend, but we shall see. I know that my pal will be in a good place. When describing this particular convent to me, she compared it to another she experienced.

“Remember how I told you how quietly joyful those other sisters were?”

“Yeah, these aren’t?”

“At this one? They laugh! Their joy over flows! And I haven’t been hugged so much in my life! I feel loved and useful and I’ll get to learn…”

“Sounds like A***** Heaven.”

“It really is!”

I am thrilled for her. It will be a challenge for me to learn to write. Writing letters is a fun way to keep in touch, but not as instant as this here internets. And folks, everyone can write her as much as they want. That’s a very charming picture in my heart. I’ll be able to teach my little Lady the art of writing letters to her Auntie Sister.  Auntie Sister will have to send me a picture of her in a habit so that I can teach Lady A about her. I’ll have the old pictures of us in my wedding, and my little girl will have access to them when she’s older. I am glad to know a Sister of the Habit. She’ll be my first close friend entering religious life and I love that it’s her.  It fits her like a glove. The devotion, the sisterhood, the teaching, the learning; it’s all a close reflection of my dear friend. In my heart, I can see her there, loving her family and friends through prayer from afar.  She’s dedicating her life to a very great vocation.

In other news, two of my friends have had little boys this week! Seeing the little faces makes me nervous-excited-happy. My friend Peanutt is going home today! Her little boy is so cute and I can’t wait to help her as much as she needs. Even if it’s to hold a screaming baby boy so that she can take a shower in peace. I understand that she’ll need it. And since I’m not far from her, I can visit anytime she needs me. I will be a text away. I’ll need the practice anyhow. I’ll have my own little one in short time.

If only I could get over this chest cold funk- I could go see my Grandma in the hospital and other friend with her baby son!

I hope all is well in your world. Any news to share?

Your Pretty Drowsy-from-cough-meds,



Sorry this is late! but I wanted to share my Valentine’s…

I love the newlywed life. I make lots of yummy things for my sweet Handsome husband to try… and then he had to go to the doctor where we learned we had gained a bit more than we wanted… so now It’s time to make healthy fun newly wed things… or at least learn how to moderate the intake or  perhaps exercise more. Anyways… This Valentine’s Day I made conversation heart- s’mores dipped in candy melts- for the Handsome Husband and our families. Yum!

I googled “homemade graham crackers” and found this recipe. I looked like other bloggers had used this method, so why not try it?

Wellllll I learned why people don’t make their own graham crackers. Graham crackers, made this way, are a pain in the patootie. They get all gross and sticky while trying to shape them the way I wanted. So naturally no two crackers are exactly alike, thus making the- sandwich dipped in candy melts- section a complete mess. Also I can’t find my connection for my camera to me computer… so… I had to use my phone’s camera. Photographers::::warning:::: go away. my pictures aren’t perfect and I’m okay with that. This is for entertainment and mild idea purposes only.

So after making heart shaped tiny cookies*** next time I’m using a bigger cookie cutter*** I dipped them halfway into melted chocolate.

They were sort of tasty at this point… and this was Handsome and my version of the Superbowl. Really? There was a football game on? Nice. Glad I had cookies to make. And so was Handsome.

After they dried I stuffed them with Marshmallow fluff. nom nomnommmmm

Please excuse the horrible shaky picture. I was laughing at this messy part.

And then I dipped them into different colored candy melts with… mixed results. Apparently Candi Quik works wonders, while the stuff from craft stores was just… crap on a pogo stick. Sloppy looking pink and blue ones totally made me pout a lot.

I wrote on them with red edible markers and experimented with the sparkle gel. After the gel had dried on the cookies below, I realized I should have use that stuff in the first place.

Over all, I thought they came out cute.

Obviously these were only fit for family, but hey, they were a hit with that crowd. I was told that they disappeared quickly from the little blue plates.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day. I know we sure did.

Your Happily Newlywed,


Life in the New Year, Getting Back on Track.

This past Christmas was so awesome!  Family and friends were so wonderful and generous as always! Handsome and I are doing our level best to make sure we get to see both of our families at Christmas. We had a great break from work in which we took time to put away some Christmas and finally begin our setting up of our home as it should be- daily.

We still have so much to do, but we have hung a TV, built a shelf in the bathroom, and put away our five tubs of Christmas decorations.  We also spent time playing Handsome’s new game. I gave him Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for Christmas and I like to “help”. (which is really me getting motion sickness from the swirling Handsome does when he’s searching, battling, or running in the game. I yell, “Eat something, he about to kill you! Power up, Power up!” alot.) I was super geek-excited when Handsome got the book for the game in yesterday. It’s a nice, large hard back book full of tips and tricks to manage through the game. It’s super cool and now I have something to look at when he makes it spin too fast!

We learned a new game this New Year’s Eve with several of our friends. Brother Monkey, the Bearded Monkey, the-future- Mrs, Mrs. Joooones, and the Red Monkey all came over to play Munchkin Quest with Handsome and I this past weekend. I’d say it was Epic, but it wasn’t. Epic Munchkin Quest would probably have made our heads explode. What with THE WEDDING and all, it had been too long since we had all met and played. I missed them all.

This year is going to be full of firsts for Handsome and I. We are so happy to be together at last.

I can’t help but wish everyone the happiness I have with the Handsome man in my life. I know that life as we know it isn’t perfect, trust me, I am far from perfection. But I also know so many dear friends who are going through hard times. The kind of times that are heart breaking and soul stripping. Loss of so many means and of so many loved ones is a truly terrifying ordeal. My heart goes out to them, my prayers are always with them.  May the Lord Bless You, all the Days of your life.

I hope that 2012 improves for those dear friends who are looking at a tenuous road ahead of them.

On a lighter note(hopefully), it’s time for the exercise to resume as previously scheduled. I missed the classes. It’s nice to take a break once in a while, but WeddinghoneymoonThanksgivingChristmas was nutsoid. We were crazy busy and most of the precious down time went to finding Christmas presents. Hey, shopping for entire days on one’s feet counts as exercise, right? Right? We have probably walked all over Shreveport/Bossier in the past two months. Handsome is back at the indoor place and he’s been having a good time getting in shape the competitive way.

I read a fascinating article about how some people are truly made for competition exercise and some people… just…aren’t. The little ballerina that couldn’t, the little leaguer who’s afraid of the ball, the wanna-be that for some unknown reason just couldn’t do that back handspring to make the cheerleading squad? All me. Forget the fact for a moment that it’s true I had other activities as well. (The piano lessons, the Girl Scout Troop, Band, Oboe Lessons-ugh)  I was a squishy, musical, crafty kid.

It’s okay if your kid isn’t a sporty kiddo. It’s okay if they prefer arts and crafts over jock straps and catcher’s mitts. but they need to be healthy too. Even if they have the metabolism of a bird, the need the strength training and nutrition of a human. I had several friends growing up who were into martial arts, which probably would have been a good answer for myself. But there are also other ways to learn how to maintain fitness. They are coming up with kid-gyms. Where kids can play games and in doing so, build endurance and strength.

One of my favorite PE classes in Middle School was the year they were building the actual gym at Elm Grove. I loved not having to play volley ball and dodge ball and get reamed in the face. Our teacher, Mrs. B, dragged us all upstairs for Richard Simmons(Dicky Slims to me and my family- haha) videos like Sweatin to the Oldies, Disco Sweat, etc. She taught us how to square dance among other things to get us moving. I remember her class because it was the best year for a non-competitor like me.

So it’s no wonder that Zumba classes work for me.  Hey, I trip up and have to retie my shoe like any other goober in there, but I also can push myself or restrain myself. I can either get it big and sweat my brains out, or I can simplify moves that the instructor does if the day was particularly wearing. I truly admire anyone who leads classes for humble bumbles like me. They are guides to stay healthy, and if someone can manage to smile and have fun with it? Even more props. (I’m sure we of the awkward and the silly give other inspirations for grins, but hey, you get amusement where you can.) I also like to play dance games on consoles. Set on Easy of course.

I truly admire runners. I have secretly always wanted to learn how to be one. People, including the Handsome Husband Face, have tried to teach me how, but I cannot grasp the concepts. I can’t figure out how to breathe. I’m really special. I get hives just thinking about last time I made the attempt to run in an open field. Open field my rear end… grumble mumble grumble grumble… One of my cousins is a RUNNER. She’s awesome and I applaud Runner Cousin for all of her hard work and determination. She leaves parties early and goes to bed when she knows that she has a race the next day. She’s an inspiration.

Maybe one day I can too, be a runner. Maybe then my thighs, that I have named Thunder and Behemoth, wouldn’t wiggle ever so much. Props to the running machines out there. You inspire people. Like Forrest Gump. “I just felt like runnin’.”

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, I promise to report about the Magical Island Honeymoon soon!

Your striving towards better fitness,


And today is the big day. . .

Today I really will marry my best friend. Literally. He and I almost didn’t date for the fear of our ending a truly wonderful friendship. Three years later we are getting married. I love you Handsome.

ANOTHER one of THOSE weeks…

The world of Stephanie, Pretty, Pretty Princess of Shreveport has been pretty busy.  There are a multitude of things going on at any given point. The candy shower was awesome, though there were so many things going on that weekend. I believe that my family is still recovering. The Baby had a marvelous Homecoming, The Cousin had a marvelous wedding and I had a Marvelous Shower.   Truly Marvelous. The Insane-in-the-membrane part of these marvels is that they occurred on the SAME day. I’m impressed that my head didn’t just whirl right off my shoulders.

We missed a lot of the Baby’s stuff, she has some adorable pictures of her and her GIGANTIC mum (Daddy was acting paparazzo). It is one of the senior mums, and whoo-ee! Her best friend and escort got it big.  It was beautiful, and loud. There was an entire bag of bells tied all up in it. Her shoes were mondo-cute, her dress was cute, her hair was done-up beautifully. I love events like those. Excuses to get all dressed up.  What princess wouldn’t?

Did anything go wrong with such a fabulous day, you ask? Other than wearing the wrong shoes to the Dixie Gin, you mean? I wouldn’t call it wrong. But I did forget my hostess gift. Dear Mrs. K didn’t even think a thing of my forgetfulness. I was so nervous something was going to go wrong and that no one would be there. Naturally, when I have one of these slip ups, the world goes askew. Must be something in the cosmos.

Sunday was a whirl of making cute things and writing thank you notes! Once again I praise my Fairy Godmother for insisting that we write thank you notes for every gift we receive. It made us assuredly polite. She has us so well trained in manners! It is so very easy to express gratitude and wishes of well being. Once must simply write down one’s appreciation for the gift and how much the person giving the gift means to you. It’s a very good habit. Thank you, FG!

Here come’s the askew nature of the world. It couldn’t have just been forgotten. No. I accidentally delivered the gift to the wrong house! At lunch on Monday, I ran errands with Handsome in tow. Poor Handsome. He was whipped around everywhere in this part of Shreveport. He must have been terribly lost once we had gone to Taco Bell, the bank, the post office, and then finally “Mrs. K’s” house. We went back to our respective offices. Later, on my way home I called FG letting her know I had delivered the gift to ###”Wrong” Avenue! Oh dear! I quickly got into a turning lane to rush to “Wrong House” and recover the present for my dear hostess. Only to discover that my present was brought inside by the young dude living at ### Wrong Avenue. About five years older than me, and he looked pretty nice.

I thanked him and we awkwardly laughed over him definitely not being “Mrs. K” on my note. So I left and rushed to the correct house ### Right Avenue. See the streets have the same numbering and the two streets have the same first initial. Anyone could have done it. But of course I had to.  FG heard from Mrs. K (and I hope she’s well, she had heart surgery the next day), she got my note and gift. Great! Whew.

Tuesday night Rachody and I finished the scandalous shower’s invitations. They are so cute, if I do say so myself. 😉

We had simply piled all of our gifts in the living room on Saturday at the Cottage (I’m Excessively fond of a Cottage). Wednesday night we cleared space for our new dishes and things. It was a blast! Just like a couple of kids at Christmas. We set up his beloved bread maker and I cooed over my beautiful new dishes once more and put them in their special place in the cabinets. I love the new stuff. Especially the Mrs. K present! I received a Mariposa Clematis platter. Gorgeous. All of my new things are lovely. From the practical, useful items, to the ornate pewter serving ware.

I am such a very pampered princess.

Last night we groggily watched some DBZ and I coughed and coughed, so Handsome rubbed Vicks Vaporub on my upper chest/throat… Instant but not lasting relief. Whew! That stuff stinks! Allergies-or-cold-or-whatever-this-is-es? Suck.

Your coughing


Cuteness ABOUNDS!!!

As promised, the Fairy Godmother pulled out all the stops and the shower was GORGEOUS!!!  My Fairy Godmother is a true blessing in my life and so VERY talented! I greatly appreciate all she does for me. My wedding promises to be the biggest bash Shreveport will ever experience, thanks to her generosity and support.  I am such a magically blessed princess. Thank God for my wonderful godmother.  She works so hard to make everything beautiful. It was well worth the nerves of being little miss spotlight for the first time in my life since I was two.  I’d also like to thank Rachody for all the cute pictures and all of her help and support.

Here are the details and pictures of my wonderful wedding shower. Many thanks to all who could make it!

The Yacht Club ceiling. Pink streamers from the balloons made the light in the room soft and pink!

Candy jars detail. The theme was Candy and it was as though Candyland, the game became real life awesomeness!!!

The cake table with the punch and water dispensers, isn’t it de-lovely?

Me- enjoying wonderful company at the adorable tables. Can you see the centerpiece? My in-town bridesmaids and I worked on them with the Fairy Godmother acting as director.

Candy-as-flowers in the arrangements!!!!

Me and the Lovely, Wonderful Mrs. K- Hostess for the mostess!

Me and my present attendants. Future tooth fairy got me a woooonderful surprise, more on that later.

Opening presents was fun, Future Tooth Fairy wrote down my info so that I could thank everyone later. And Rachody helped organize the un-wrapping, the  and the trash detail

I know the picture is a little dark- but look what Future Tooth Fairy got me!!?!??

CHERRY BLOSSOM DEPRESSION GLASS BOWL!!!! I have been flirting with it in a local Antique shop and she was with me once… After I showed it to her, the wonderful gal picked it up for me after we had left!!!

“We we we so excited.”- Rebecca Black

My depression glass collection is getting impressive.

Anywho, many thanks to all who came! I had a BLAST!

Special thanks to RingBEARs Mommy, Future Tooth Fairy, THE Tooth Fairy herself, Fairy godmother, and Mrs. K.

After and during the take-down we could tell how much effort was put into making the Yacht clubhouse splendid. It was universally transformed. Fairies came through and made it wonderful and then they took it away once the party was over.

We then left and went to B&GWD11!!!!

Aka- Bri and Gregg’s Wedding Day 2011. The event had a title. Oh yeah. In my family we get it BIG. Aunt Rain is a Fairy Mommy herself. She transformed that tin building into a country-vintage charming affair. She took Bri’s colors and made it glow in that room. I bow down to her genius. Weddings are a tremendous amount of work and she made it WORK. The Keys to a good marriage advice, the photo booth, the how sweet it is candy/ honey bar things… Oh it was fantastic.

The coolest part though was all Mother-Nature. There was a dancing praying mantis on the Mother of the groom’s chair in the flower jar. He was orange and yellow. He matched the lilies (see? He came all dressed up for the occasion). He was enjoying the string selections. He swayed to the music and when the music stopped, he stopped. Then the seating-of-the-mother’s music began and he danced some more. All of a sudden this lady came and got in his view, being a lover of music, he climbed her arm and hair-do in order to get a better view. Unfortunately some fun- ruiner had to pick him up and spoil his view. Being among kind, non-bug-killing folk, he got placed on the ground where he could endeavor to get even CLOSER to the string group. I hope he enjoyed himself.

The Bride was radiant, the Groom looked delighted, the Mothers all teared up, life was beautiful.

Nurse was a-glow with her little bundle. She was very beautiful.  Looked healthy and full of life and energy. I loved her dress!

MOH’s speech made everyone who has a sister tear up. It was heartfelt, funny and sweet.

I hope and pray that Bri and Gregg have a wonderful happy marriage and every day is better than the day before.

Your pretty grateful and charmed,



This weekend is sure to be a blast! The Fairy Godmother, the Future Tooth Fairy, The Baby, and Rachody and me are ALL going to Jefferson, Texas! We are super excited to be going antique hunting with our Fairy Godmother.

We HAVE to visit the Big Red Barn- AKA- The Old Mill Antique Shop, we have to get fudge at the Fudge Shoppe, and (according to my dear office mate) we must go to the General Store. Apparently they have antiques and and old- fashioned soda shop. This is a particular thrill for me, the last place I went that had a soda shoppe was the Centerpoint trip to Mountain View, AR with Handsome. We had a wonderful time and I enjoyed those shakes and soda fountain drinks. I could have stayed to dink around.

Goodness, if only I had already fallen for antiques before now. Can you IMAGINE the things I could have found in Arkansas, previous to this past month? I have been to Mountain View and Hot Springs and I have spent considerable amounts of time in several old towns, like McKinney, TX and Mansfield, LA. I’m sure I’ve overlooked treasures, not knowing what was in front of me. Oh, the agony!

Haha! Such dramatics.

I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to play in so many shops and such, full of the wonders of the not-so distant past.

I may be on the look out for a china cabinet. I will need one very soon, what with all the fun stuff I’m getting and the upcoming wedding!!!

You never know what you may find at an antique store, displays can look like this:

In case you were wondering, yes, that IS a wig wearing a tiara.

This was from the day of antiquing beginnings brought to us by The Baby. I invited the Pepperdy to go on this adventure…

She looked at Dad,

“Dad, are YOU going?” Since he wasn’t, she decided to keep him company instead. If the girls are busy dinking around with smelly old stuff, they hardly have time to mess with Her Highness. If it wasn’t too big(and expensive!!!), the tiara would probably suit her better than me.

More Ketchup?

Here are a few of my scrapbook pages, including one with myself and Mrs. Jessica.

I spy… Me! In horrible uniform shorts!


It’s been a week of antici… PATION over here… (And now I want to dance the Time Warp… sometimes my ADD even annoys myself)

Since last week’s birthday party:

Handsome blowing out his candles

The next big news is that I have my bridals appointments started. I am now going to do a trial run with my hairdresser lady, and hopefully nail that part down-shut-tight!  My current lady hasn’t seemed very enthusiastic.  Maybe I should go the crazy expensive way. *nerves beginning to jitter* Does anyone have splendid advice for hair designers? This person will have to use brute force on the baby sister’s wild mane. I’m starting to seriously worry…

The upside of the bridal news is we’ll be taking my pictures in a haunted dwelling in Shreveport. How exciting will this be? The Logan Mansion is very lovely and has a gorgeous stairway!  I’m more excited about the stairway than specters, but what if I actually get to see the girl of Logan Mansion? Theodora Hunt was a young lady who supposedly launched herself from the top window. Dad found her in the Shreveport Census, so she existed… but does the echo of her tragedy linger? I wonder…

Your pretty indescribable,








Pickles are my Gatorade

So, lately I’ve had issues while working out. I’ve gotten worn out too quickly, I’ve had “wimmin trouble”, and I’ve been overheated(to no one’s surprise, hey, it’s August). Yesterday I suffered the munchies while at work. Having eaten plenty of fruit and not wanting to fruit over-load, I found the jar of pickles I bought last week.I nabbed a few and they were soooo good. I love pickles. I’ve loved them since I was a kid, my favorite part of the Little Rascals  was when Buckwheat was singing his “I gotta pickle” song. “I’ll give you a nickle, if you give me a pickle.” “Otay!” And thus begins the ode to a pickle. “I got a pickle, I got a pickle…”

About an hour and a half later it was time for Zumbaaaaaah! I’m working, and sweating- not too profusely though. Lo and behold! I forgot one of the important things! If one doesn’t have enough electrolytes(including and especially salt), one would felt sick and gross. Lately sodium avoidance has been in order- trying to lose significant poundage here and salt makes one bloat like nobody’s business. Of course I forgot that I NEED salt. Me=idiot

It’s a huge relief that all I need is a dill-icious pickle to feel worlds better at the gym. No longer do I feel overheated and worried that I’m losing my young edge. (Boy did I feel weird- not being able to work out??) I’ve gotten into regular exercise and not felt this bad since I first started two years ago at 42% body fat. I had started going to a personal trainer because I was finally tired of being ridiculously overweight.

The water is a great idea. Drinking the water has made my skin better, and made my body better at nearly everything. Except exercise. So add the pickle, and add the water. And the body will be in fighting condition to go another round.

Zumba is woooonderful exercise. Especially when ZC decides to push the class until everyone is gasping and running for the sweat rags at every chance.  J-Lo’s song “On the Floor” alternately makes me cringe or bounce(pending on whether or not I’ve just gotten back from Zumba or if I’m about to go to Zumba class). I seriously love the workout that this song helps us achieve, but talk about breathless! ZC is getting certified for Zumba Tone. I have a strange feeling that it will be more awesome, more effective, and (therefore) more painful.  But the rhythms of Latin tunes, plus the enthusiasm of our wonderful ZC, makes us eager to come to class. We love our Zumba Chick! She rocks our socks off (only make sure you wear good socks, cause blisters suck, i.e. me last week forgetting them socks things and grossing self out).

I’ve tried both Zumba for the wii and Zumba on the xbox. Both are nice workouts, but it isn’t the same as going to class with a bunch of ladies and a wonderful instructor. If I haven’t gotten on my program for the xbox, it doesn’t sincerely miss me the way a living, breathing person does. Ok, so, sometimes the “where’ve you been, I’ve missed you, etc.” isn’t sincere, but hey it is certainly more personal than machines.  I like that a lot.

Other than the praise of Zumba, guess what else????

The wonderful Fairy Godmother and her four nieces are heading to Jefferson to go Antiquing! Saturday morning/afternoon I may or may not find some fun stuff that I have to have. Whooo hoo! I’ll be on the hunt for lovely pink or yellow Depression Glass, and Coke stuff for the Handsome Prince in my life. We are very thrilled and excited for this weekend! It’s sure to be fun.

Last weekend our friends Alexis and Joseph announced their engagement.

This is awesome and wonderful. They’ve been waiting for the right time and we are very happy for them. It’s very sweet to see Joseph’s rare grin(he laughs often, but rarely does he just plain slyly grin- seriously congratulate him and watch his face- so sweet.) and Alexis’ happiness beaming radiantly. They are going to do great things together, and I hope and pray that they continue to work together in love and joy. So much wedding festivities are coming up. Such as…

– dress fitting for bridal pictures-three bridal showers-three(other people’s) weddings- a bachelorette/bachelor party- bridal pictures- tux fittings(daddy too!)- and I’m sure there are more…. and Now our Alexis is getting hitched!!!

This is my busiest year since 2003!

Your pretty whirling dervish,


Ikea-Assembly-Day and then sadness…

This past weekend we had such a blast! We went to Dallas, specifically for Handsome’s birthday.  On his birthday his favorite Major League Soccer team, the Seattle Sounders, played FC Dallas at Pizza Hut Park.  Handsome shared with many of his work buddies his excitement at going to Dallas and one of them mentioned that we should go to Ikea since we were setting up our house. We totally loved the Ikea experience. Mostly because we both like the simple lines of the furniture that we picked. Being an artist, I love focal points to a room and I love art, but having too many focal points would distract me. So having simple furniture that subtly complements art greatly appeals to me. We enjoyed playing in the tiny idea rooms and bouncing on chairs. We laughed at each other’s pronunciation of our future furniture/accessories.

We ate the Choklad. Our favorite was this amazing cake. We have a mutual crush on Chocolate mousse cake.

We got a coffee table, a couple of awesome DVD towers, some lamps, shelves for the office, a cute shelving unit for the bathroom, some pretty lamps, and other accessories and paraphernalia.

The way Handsome and I shop is similar to the way they have things set up in the store. We flit about the showroom(AKA the cottage), make a list of the things we need/appeal to us, and then go about the business of shopping for what we want. If there is a clever item at my eye level, it will sneak its way into the buggy(just like at the grocery sto’).

We like to put things-together together, so this Ikea thing is meant for us. We already have found a couch/chaise Handsome would like to have (he doesn’t know where the thing will go, he just likes it).

Last night we started to assemble our stuff. We had so much fun. The directions are very easy. Seriously. Compared to the crazy desks, everything from Ikea is cake. Memo to people who can’t handle instructions: don’t buy furniture that requires assembly unless you pay someone else to do it.

The Ikea instructions were so easy, complete with detailed pictures and onomatopoeia. “click!”

We (mostly Handsome) put together:

I had fun setting up my purses in the closet, putting them on the wall, attached to scotch hooks. We have so many things to do still. Next we need a stud finder, to hang numerous pictures and wall shelves. On to other news…

Last night my Uncle G’s Daddy passed away. Please Pray for Mr. Frank and his mourning family. A great man, father, grandfather, and friend has left the Earth to watch over us all. Though he had suffered, and grown old, I will always remember him as the dear gentleman who would whirl his wife in dance and fix my aunt’s lighting when she needed help. Thanks for being wonderful, Mr. Frank. We will miss you, please have a Bud in heaven with Paw Paw and enjoy my wedding from the top view.  Tell Maw Maw I said, “Hey!” and give her a hug from us.

It’s hard to lose loved ones, but being a believer of Heaven, I am comforted by the joy of one day seeing them all again. In our best selves, with the wisdom of our ages and the joy and energy of our youth, the beauty of our prime.

“In my flesh, I shall see God. On the last day, I shall rise again!”

Pretty nostalgic,


Rain drops keep falling… Please? Seriously, pretty please?

Whoop whoop!!!

It’s raining y’all! There’s dust storms followed by actual rain in Shreveport/Bossier! We seriously have no idea what to do with ourselves. This princess is wildly excited by thunderstoms. I inherited this from The Scrapbooking Queen.  She MUST go outside when the storms loom. I must go outside when the storms loom. I must also hold down my skirt so as to not loose my dress in such violent wind. The powerful gusts reminded of that time I almost lost my shirt to a hot air balloon wind machine. Giant, powerful fans+ untucked, loose t-shirt= a yelping Stephanie.

It’s pretty awesome out there. Loads of oddly colored clouds and the radar looks like this:

Or… approximately fifteen minutes ago it did.

I love the stuff. Our entire office was outside waiting for the storm, dirt and dust getting in our eyes, as we excitedly chittered and chattered about the impending storms, grit flying into our mouths… well I guess I don’t need a vitamin today. I got plenty of minerals outside waiting for the rain. The temperature was a glorious eighty degrees. Wind attacked braids and pony tails, hair flew. In the words of Rebecca Black, “we we we so excited!”  For a good while everyone was as focused as I am on a daily basis. About as focused as a sugar filled two-year-old on crack.

I enjoy my special moments(they happen daily), but when everyone shares in the excitement, it’s nice to have company in la-la land. One can’t help hooting and prancing about when one hasn’t seen serious rain in days. It’s a part of Louisiana that I used to take for granted. Water, water here and there, water water everywhere. This drought has been terrible. Thanks be to God for answering our prayers for a bit of the wet. Now, can we please have some of those lovely Hurricane bands? Just a few, You know, would be nice. It’s pleasant to see actual water in my aunt’s backyard duck pond. I’m sure the ducks would enjoy it.

As entertaining as the days of three digit temperature record was, it sure was miserable. North Louisiana is ready for the wet. Bring it!

On to other news, it’s been fun moving things in the cottage.  We are enjoying setting up our home. We have matching desks, we have new stuff from the Dallas Ikea(whoop whoop!) trip, and we have very nearly finished moving my artsy-crafty project stuff in. We have several loads of things like my white summer clothes that I cannot wear after Labor Day, so after Labor Day, I’ll be packing and setting up much of my summer closet in my walk-in closet. The wedding is coming, and it’s going to be epic! We have several things on THE LIST that we need to take care of, but they are being taken care of steadily and expediently.

Next on the agenda: finalize the wedding ceremony details (like music, readings, etc.) so that we can make our programs.

I am so pumped.

As my dear Kisstoefur says: Arts and Crafts!!!

I heart Arts and crafts.

Your pretty excitable,