(preferably before)Baby Bucket List

Handsome and I have been thinking of things that we want to do before we start the children chapter of our lives. Obviously we would accept a beautiful babe if that’s in God’s plan, but we want to spend some time together to **ahem** spend some time together… wink wink… AND we want to do things we’ve never done, see things we’ve never seen; and now that we have a permanent escort for life, we have each other’s company instead of going solo.

1. Go to Europe.

2. See a Manchester United Game at Old Trafford.

3. See Stonehenge.

4. See the Sistine Chapel ceiling and gape.

5. See the Colosseum!!!

6. See the new pope.

7. See every Major League Soccer team at their home stadium.

Seattle Sounders

Vancouver Whitecaps

Portland Timbers

Chicago Fire

Colorado Rapids

F.C. Dallas

Houston Dynamo

New England Revolution

L.A. Galaxy

C.D. Chivas USA

Real Salt Lake

New York Red Bulls

San Jose Earthquakes

Toronto FC

Philadelphia Union

Colombus Crew

Sporting Kansas City

8. See a Broadway Musical in NYC.

9. Go to Maine and stay in/near a lighthouse.

10. Plant a garden. Obviously with gnomes.

11. Learn a second language and be able to hold a conversation with a native.

12. Go to Ireland and kiss the Blarney Stone.

13. Go Whitewater rafting again.

14. See/experience Florence, Italy.

15. Watch all of Stargate.

16. Watch all of our collective movies, that we already own.

17. Set up the house the way we want it to be set up.


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